Preschool day 11: Artist and Composer day

Today was our Artist and Composer of the month day.  For this month we’ve been learning about Camille Saint-Saens and Leonardo Da Vinci.  Today was the first day it actually felt like fall.  Nice and chilly. For writing time, we traced the alphabet and then the boys solved their pumpkin puzzles.  Each pumpkin had a letter of their name on it and they had to put the pumpkins in the right order.  Both boys got it on the first try.  They’re really learning how to spell their names!  It’s so fun.  They each took a turn with the sharpie and wrote their own name on the other side of the pumpkins.

I taught the boys a few facts about Camille Saint-Saens and then showed them two children’s books about two of his songs.  One was the Dance Macbre (a spooky skeleton song) and the other was Carnival of the animals.  We talked about what each song would sound like for each animal (fast slow, loud, quiet, bouncy, etc…) then we hung pictures of the animals up.  The boys would dance a little then guess which animal’s song was being played and take that picture off the wall.

Fun fact:  Carnival of the animals was actually written to make fun of some of Camille’s fellow composers so he wouldn’t allow it to be published in his life time.  Now it’s a favorite of children everywhere.

For Leonardo da Vinci I showed the boys some of his paintings.  We talked about how Mona Lisa’s eyes seem to follow you and we discussed if she looked happy or sad.  I read the boys a really fun book about da Vinci called Leonardo’s Monster.  It’s a kids book and the boys loved it. We also discussed what being a Renaissance man means and that Leonardo da Vinci’s name is like saying, “Charlie of Pasco” or “Boston of Pasco”.

I changed up Zoo-phonics today so that it wouldn’t take as long since we’re now doing the entire alphabet.  The boys took turns saying the flash cards and for every card they said, they got a candy corn in their cup. :)

Our final activity today was drawing in our Carnival of the Animals coloring books and eating popcorn while I read Halloween stories to the boys.  Since we’d been reading and coloring for awhile I asked the boys if they wanted to play outside, but both said no and wanted me to keep reading.  They’re REALLY enjoying our reading time and I’m loving it.

It was a good day. :)

11 boston pump

Boston spelled his own name

11 Boston puzzle

Boston put together his name puzzle

11 Boston write

Boston working on our letters work sheet

11 carnival animals

Carnival of the animals posters

11 charlie color

Charlie’s coloring book

11 Charlie kristoff

Charlie didn’t want to dress Kristoff this morning, but at the end of the day when his clothes were falling off he was concerned that Kristoff was getting cold. He also thought Kristoff looked like a construction worker today. : )

11 charlie pump

Charlie spelled his own name

11 charlie puzzle

Charlie put together his pumpkin puzzle

11 Kristoff

Our first windy day on the weather chart.

Preschool day 10: Five Senses

We changed things up for writing time today and instead of tracing or writing, I made the boys each their own name puzzle.  So we spelled out our names and hooked our puzzles together.  The boys did great at spelling their names and on the second try they both could do it all on their own.

Our lesson today was about our five senses.  So we talked a little about our senses, then we learned a five senses song.  After that, we practiced using each of our senses.

For sight we made a tornado in a bottle and watched it go.
For hearing the boys closed their eyes, while I made noises by snapping, whistling, banging my hands on the floor, or clanging together pots and pans.  The boys guessed what noise I was making.
For smell the boys closed their eyes again and I had them smell different things like Caramel candles, and peanut butter.  Again they had to guess what they were smelling.
Taste was extra fun, because again, the boys closed their eyes as they put different treats in their mouths and had to guess what they were tasting.  We had marshmallows, peppermints, almonds and chocolate.

Touch was probably the coolest sense.  For this activity we heated up a 3 bars of ivory soap (1:30 sec) each bar in the microwave.  The bar expanded and we brought it outside to play in the foam.

Once we had finished making a mess outside we popped some popcorn and read Halloween/Fall stories for 30 minutes.  We’ve replaced journal time with story time this month and we’ve been loving it.

Also our artist for this month is Leonardo Davinci and our Composer is Camille Saint-Saens so we listen to Carnival of the animals every day.

Happy Weekend!


10 after prek

Preschool after math. An empty bowl of popcorn and a well loved pile of books.

10 Boss snow

Making snow out of our soap for Touch.

10 eyes closed

Getting ready to smell.

10 Isaac

Zekey was the only one that wanted a picture with Kristoff today.

10 marshmallow

Tasting marshmallows.

10 name

Proud boys for spelling their names correctly with their puzzles.

10 names 2

Working on their name puzzles.

10 names

Silly boys.

10 snow bucket

Cutting and poking the soap

10 snow

Making “snow” balls

10 snowball

Throwing snow balls

10 soap balls

This stuff was so fun to play with and the boys smelled delicious afterward

10 soap puff

Microwaved soap bar

10 soap sniff

Smelling the soap

10 soap

Getting wild

10 tornado 1

Making a tornado for us to watch for Sight.

10 tornado 2

So excited

10 tornado 3

Shake shake shake

10 tornado

We added smarties to the bottle to represent houses being swooped up in a Tornado (the boys idea).

Preschool Day 9: Cozy Fall day

Today was meant to be a cozy fall day, filled with cozy fall activities, but as we stepped on the front porch to check the weather we realized it would be more of a cozy HOT day.  What’s with Summer in October?  We enjoyed all things Fall anyway (minus hot apple cider).

After our morning routine we traced all the names of spooky Halloween creatures.  The boys are getting SO good with their tracing.  We also had a little fun with salt.  I filled tupperwares with salt, gave the boys Kabob sticks and held up letter flash cards for them to draw in their salt.  They loved this.  We got up to the letter T before they wanted to move on.

So we headed out on our scavenger hunt.  We made it to the end of our long, long street and then we headed back. It was a long walk for all those little legs (and these pregnant ones) and the boys were begging for water once we walked in the door. :)

This was the perfect time to cozy up on the couch, pop a bag of popcorn and read some Halloween books.  This was the best part of the day.  The boys were so into the fun Fall and Halloween stories we read.  I ordered every rhyming (because rhyming stories are the most fun) Halloween and fall book I could find at the library.   We stopped half way through story time to do our Zoo phonics then went back to our books. We only made it through about 5 books because some were so fun we had to read twice.  When reading the stories I always read the author’s name, and the illustrator, explaining what both do and I always read the dedications.  I think this helps them to connect these stories with real people.  We also stopped a few times to guess what would happen next, or to make our own spooky Halloween sounds. :)

Before we knew it preschool was over and the doorbell was dinging.  :)  Till next time!

s weather boy boss

Boston dressed Kristoff today, but Charlie did the weather chart. :) Also Boston insisted on it being cold, even though Charlie said it was hot, so we compromised with warm.

sand writing boys

Salt writing.

sand writing char

Look at that awesome F. Also…the boys had a lot of graham crackers because…why not?

sand writing boss

Love that smile.

s halloween tracing

Charlie wanted to trace his names in Halloween orange. If you could see up close you’d see how much these boys have improved on their tracing skills since day one. So neat to watch them grow!

scav 3

I decided picking dandelions out of side yards was permissible. :)

scav 4

We tried to stop by my friends house who is the ultimate flower lady to see if we could collect a flower from her, but she wasn’t home….so Dandelions it was.

scavenger hunt 2

Ready for our hunt!

scavenger hunt

Isaac had a bag too, but he chose to sit in the stroller while the boys were sweet enough to scavange for him

story time 1

Story time

story time 2

The boys all said, “WOAH” when I pulled out the giant pile of books.

Preschool day 8: Math and Writing

Our day began the usual way with our songs, prayers, recitations and charts. It’s been awesome to see the boys growth in such a short amount of time.  Their shapes are down solid, their number recognition has improved drastically and their memorization skills are impressive.  Oh, and show them a picture of Strauss or Van Gogh?  They’ll tell you who they are immediately, with a healthy dose of pride.

We did free writing on white boards in place of writing worksheets.  The boys each spelled their own names and then did some drawings; mostly tornadoes.   My sister told me that girls tend to draw nouns and boys tend to draw actions.  Well these boys are always drawing tornadoes, rockets shooting in the sky, explosions, or Volcanoes erupting.  So the theory holds true over here!

I found a cool game called Roll and Cover online so we played that for math today.  I printed off sheets with numbers 1-6 on them.  The boys each had a dice and they would roll it, count or just recognize how many dots were on the dice and then find that same number on their sheet, so we could cover it with a sticker. The first person to cover all of their numbers won.  We played this game twice and the boys had a ton of fun.  I was really impressed with them reading the die right off and not even needing to add up the dots.

After our game we wrote our names with glue and marshmallows.  I wrote each of the boys names on a piece of paper and they traced their letters with glue and stuck marshmallows to the paper.

For zoo phonics we changed things up and did a obstacle course.  They started at the top of the play set and got to take a step for every letter we did.  So they slid down the slide, took giant steps through the yard and climbed up the ladder.  At the end the boys slid down the slide again and high fived me on the way down.

We got through most of our day much quicker than I thought we would (these boys are learning everything so fast these days!)  So we went inside and rebuilt our mixels while eating some snacks.  I think Legos are SO great for learning to follow instructions, use fine motor skills and use their imaginations.  We call Charlie our Master builder because he’s so practiced at Legos and has taught us everything he knows!

We ended our day with journal time , gum and playing with the mixels we built.

Another fun day!  First month of preschool almost gone!


P Char

When Charlie finished his marshmallow name, he immediately walked it over to the wall to hang up. He was proud. :)

P eaten sign

My toddler ate a bit of Charlie’s name, so I glued more marshmallows back to it without anyone ever knowing the difference!

P Boss


P Kristoff


P marshmallows

Having fun gluing Marshmallows to their letters

P math dice 2

Playing a math/dice game

P math dice

Showing off our Roll and Cover sheets. Also trying to look like Monkeys.

P mixels

Isaac caught me taking a picture.

P spell Boss

Spelling our names all by ourselves with Mom’s example at the top.

P spell Char

Name spelling!

P writing

Free writing/drawing

P zoo phonics

Zoo phonics. Taking the most GIANT steps they can.

P mixel 4

Putting together mixels. Charlie’s our master builder.

P mixels 2

I love this picture of all these happy boys.

P mixels 3

Playing with mixels after they’re built.

P math dice 2

Playing math dice

Preschool Day 7: Art Day

Today we had preschool at Charlies house.  Charlie’s Momma is FAR craftier then me so we have dubbed her the official art lady.  Each month we’ll have an art project at her house based on our artist of the month.

When we got to Charlie’s Boston was presented with an adorable kid sized apron with the letter ‘B’ on it. When I came to pick Boston up, they had all painted the most adorable starry night pictures on REAL canvas.

We’ve had such a great month getting to know Vincent Van Gogh.  He feels like an old friend. :)

Thank you Lindsay for the PERFECT art day.  And thanks to our other buddies Cashy and Gavin for joining us!

vg 9

artists at work

vg 7

Boston covering his starry night with as much green as possible. :)

vg 5

I love seeing their interpretations of Starry Night.

vg 4

How cute are these aprons?

vg 6

love the swirls

vg 3

beads and pipe cleaners while paint dries. Genius.

vg 2


vg 8

Preschool day 6: First day of Fall, Van Gogh and Strauss

day 6 weather boy

First day of Fall!

Sorry for my loud voice!  The boys had fun dancing away. :)

day 6 boys in aprons

Apple painting in my aprons.

day 6 apple eating

Eating apples, not painting. After this he proceeded to fall asleep on his chair…sick boy today. :(

day 6 apple painting

Our masterpieces

day 6 articles

To memorize the articles of faith we do a lot of hand gestures, this is one of the gestures that the boys look so cute doing.

Today was a fun and packed day.  At the end of our hello song we always ask each person how they’re feeling and the boys had adorable answers today.  Boston felt peaceful and Charlie felt grateful.  So I decided that I felt wild just to stir things up a bit!

We got to change our weather scene and season from summer to fall and dress Kristoff  appropriately.  For pre-writing skills we traced our numbers 1-10.  After writing, we got into the really fun stuff.  The boys sat on their pillows and I shared some interesting facts with them about Johann Strauss the 2nd.  They laughed when they learned that Strauss has the same name as his Daddy and then we talked about what it would be like if we called Charlie, “Stoyan” and Boston “Yancey”.   :)  We learned that two of Strauss’ most famous songs are Thunder and Lightning Polka and Blue Danube Waltz, so we danced to both of them.  For Thunder and lightning we took turns with each boy representing lightning (with pan lids) and the other representing Thunder (pounding on the floor or wall).   We loved dancing, marching and getting to be really loud!  Our dance to the Waltz was much different.  We talked about tempo and would tip toe at the quiet slow parts and skip and spin at the loud fast parts.

After dancing we sat back down on our pillows and I showed the boys some of Van Gogh’s paintings while teaching them a little about him.  I’ve been reading THIS book on Van Gogh for about a month now so that I could get to know him and then share the really fascinating/toddler appropriate facts with the boys  I quizzed Boston later tonight and he remembered all about Van Gogh’s favorite color, flower, color of his house and his first name.  I was happy it sunk in!

Art day will be this Thursday at Charlie’s house with his Mom, so we didn’t do a Van Gogh art project.  Instead we did a fall art project:  Apple painting!  Instead of using real paint, we tried sweetened condensed milk and food coloring.  It worked great and wasn’t too messy, but it’s taken ALL day to dry, so not the best if you actually want to keep the project and take it home.

Painting only lasted about 10 minutes and the boys were ready for Zoo phonics races.  We’re already to the letter O!  They decided to race today on the swivel cars to change things up.  After races the boys wrote in their journals and drew tornadoes.  The boys finished their day out with Starfall on my computer.

It was a simple and fulfilling day.  Yay for Fall!

Preschool day 5: Boston’s 4th Birthday

Birthday energy was in the air today.  Decorations were set up, presents had been received and preschool was about to begin.  Charlie boy showed up to the house with more presents in tow.   We had to open them before preschool began.  Legos!  The boys couldn’t wait to play with them.  We went about our normal preschool routine with a few interruptions of

“Oh yeah!  You’ve gotta see my new garbage truck!”


“Can I show Boston how to build his legos yet?!”

So we hurried through our morning routine, then started on a little history lesson.  We made a timeline of Boston’s life.  I printed out pictures from Boston’s life and we ordered them on the timeline.  The boys glued the pictures down and decorated the paper.  This was about all the school we could handle today, so the boys and I started Lego building.  After Legos I started making cookies.  I planned to make the cookies with the boys but again,  Legos and garbage trucks:  So much cooler!

I forgot some ingredients for our cookies, so we ran to the grocery store and picked out some cupcakes while we were at it.  The boys decided to play outside for awhile while I baked, until I called them inside to eat the eggless cookie dough.  Oh and those ingredients I went to buy? I forgot to add them….so the cookies were a little weird, but the boys didn’t mind.

It was a wild and fun day of preschool. Can’t wait for Charlie’s birthday preschool day!

After preschool, Charlie went home and me and the boys went to meet up with Daddy at Country Mercantile.  We had the mini theme park to ourselves and Boston got red carpet treatment, riding every ride at least 3 times.  He was so brave.  After the rides Dane went back to work and the boys and I ordered lunch.  We ended our adventure at Country Mercantile with a stroll through their candy shop, picking out our most favorites.

The boys were getting tired, but I kept them awake with talk of TOYS R US.  We had to return a present there, but it worked out great, because Boston received a crown and balloon as well as an announcement over the loud speaker wishing him a happy birthday.  All the customers we passed gave Boston birthday wishes and Boston felt quite proud.  We hunted down the perfect toy to replace the WAY too small lawn mower we had bought for him.  In the end he decided on something completely different and picked a remote control, light up race car.

When we arrived home, Boston and I snuggled up and read his new book.  Boston “performed” in a primary program later that night and we ended the day letting him fall asleep snuggled up to Mom and Dad.

The next day we camped in the backyard, and today we are having his extended family dinner party, complete with pinata.  Birthday’s tend to become Birthweekends in our home. :)

When asking Boston how he felt about his birthday he said,



This is the best birthday ever!

Success!  Celebrating  birthdays with adventures in lieu of parties was a fun but I missed throwing the parties.  So next year I think we’ll go back to our norm. of regular ol’ kid parties.  :)

Happy Birthday Boston boy!  You are loved!  You are loved!  You are loved!

bday camping

Waking up in our tent. Just a pile of us.

bday candy

As giddy as… kids in a candy store.

bday card

When Mom forgets to buy a card, she draws one instead.

bday carousel

Carousel. Isaac was terrified.

bday cookie dough

Eating cookie dough. Don’t worry, it’s eggless. :)

bday decor

What Boston woke up to.

bday eggo

Eggos for the win!

bday frog

Finally another kid showed up!

bday groceries

Even trips to the grocery store are fun when you have a buddy.

bday hats

Highly sophisticated party hats for preschool.

bday legos

Legos! Charlie’s a Lego pro. He taught Boston how to read the instructions and build.

bday lunch

Lunch break after an hour and a half of rides.

bday night camping

Piled in the tent, ready to read books and go to sleep. These boys don’t look ready for bed, do they? ;)

bday plane alone

plane ride

bday plane dad

Daddy got to ride with Boss the first time around. His legs wouldn’t bend enough to fit in the seat, so they let him ride like that!!

bday plane

Same ride, new plane.

bday rides

A birthday boy and a small park all to himself.

bday roller coaster

Roller coaster! The favorite ride.

bday run

Couldn’t keep up with that boy.

bday signs

Presents! Nancy Tillman book, swivel car, pinata, lawn mower and garbage truck.

bday toysrus

King for a day

bday truck

Truck break.

bday weather

Can’t you just see the excitement in these boys?! Birthdays are the best.

bday writing

Birthday prewriting sheets!