My main man’s birthday

Yesterday was the big 3-0 for Dane.  He had a lovely little birthday filled with cupcakes, delicious sandwiches, diet sodas, naps, a hott date and sesame street party hats; All things Dane loves. 🙂  Boston worked hard to learn the happy birthday song in honor of Daddy and performed it for him multiple times through out the day.  Isaac did his best to stay chubby and pleasing to the eye;  Mission accomplished.  


I wish  I could post a picture of this handsome man we call Daddy, hubs, sweetheart, rockstar, etc… but my computer with the pictures is broken, so you’ll just have to trust me when  I say, he’s pretty dreamy.  🙂  I love Dane for a thousand reasons and he’s changed my life in every way possible.  He’s also overflowing with talents, kindness, a silly sense of humor and more, but the thing that stands out to me today as the reason I’m most grateful this man was born, is that he has taught me more about how to love and be loved than any other person or experience combined.  

I pass on a few love-lesson-gems from Dane to all of you.

Love yourself.  You’ll be happier and able to love another easier.

Love is kind.  I know he didn’t say if first, but he’s taught me that by example.

Be a best friend to the one you love.  You’ll laugh so much more.

Sometimes the way I feel the most loved is by watching Dane show love to those I care for most.

Love is a safety net, a resting place a quiet from the chaos.  


Thank you Dane for being such a wonderful man!  Your family simply adores you.




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