Last night reminded me why my blog has the name it does.  We were up all night long.  If I wasn’t rocking one boy, I was rocking the other.  Sometimes both at the same time.  At some points  both boys were crying as I frantically ran around dosing medicine, changing diapers, rocking one child, while stroking the hair of the other all while singing the worst rendition of, To Make you Feel my Love, ever.  Like, EVER.  

I’ve spent a good part of the night and day pitying myself, but then I remembered something I said a long time ago.  I was at my sister’s house pouring my guts out, crying and telling her all about my broken heart.  At the time I was going through something that didn’t feel like your average every day sort of problem and I said to my sister,

I can’t wait to just have normal problems again.  I will be so grateful for the day I just have normal problems.


 My problems today are my two little boys keeping me up and not allowing me to sleep in my warm cozy bed.  My problem is having a husband that I miss as he works long hours.   My problems are that I can’t get in my workouts this week at the gym I have a membership to, and I might get fat off of all yummy food I bought to comfort myself, because of all my “problems”.  Oh and my house?  The one where I keep safe and warm and have dance parties with my family in?  That one?  Ya, it’s a mess.  


These are my problems.  I’m pretty sure my 2013 self could have offered a lot of comfort to the Jill of 2007 if I could of told her all about these problems.  



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