My friend taught a lesson this Sunday and posted about in on her blog and after reading her post I just feel so inspired.  And the only thing I know to do when inspired is to write.  I don’t have a lot to say or add to what she wrote, but I feel a need to just share my testimony NOW, with as many people as I can.  The best way I know to do that is through this silly little blog, so as out of place as it may feel… here it is. 

God is real.  He’s not a far off, imagined spirit that has been created in our minds to be a comforting thought.  He is a person.  He’s our father.  While I was folding laundry just a few minutes ago, I could just feel deep within me his immense love.  He is so understanding and loves us so tenderly.  I’ve felt Heavenly Father’s love for me in my darkest moments, where I’ve felt as low as I could.  I’ve felt his love  when I’ve made the wrong choices, sinned, lacked in faith, and headed down the wrong paths.  He loves us and more than anything, wants us to know that.  To never forget that.  He’s trying to reach us.  He’s trying to show us his love for us through friends, family, maybe a stranger.  He’s trying to show us our worth and his job would be made so much easier if we would just come to him, and listen to those little feelings that tell us to open that book, call up that person, get on our knees and pray.  I normally don’t get this preachy on my blog, but I just invite you wherever you are to pray, right now and ask to feel his love.  And then listen!  He WILL respond.  I promise.  I don’t know the way he’ll answer, but be open to it and know that he will not miss this opportunity to show you,

you are loved.  

I’ll just leave you with this video.  It reminds me every time I watch it that my Heavenly Father is quite real and loves me very much.  The same goes for you.  🙂 


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