Good, better, best

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this, “good, better, best” concept.  I think in general I fill my days with a lot of “good”, some “betters” and few “bests”.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about how the Lord prepares us throughout our lives to accomplish our personal missions, or in other words, reach our full potential. I’ve been praying lately for the Lord to prepare me and enlighten me on what my personal mission is and I’ve heard the Lord answering that prayer repeatedly in all different areas of my life. One way I believe he’s been answering that prayer is by inspiring me to a challenge for this week.  The idea of issuing myself a spiritual challenge, popped in to my head and I’ve decided to take it on.  

For one week I’ve decided to try and spend my free-personal time (when that comes around) on only spiritual things.  So when I’m cleaning my kitchen and normally would put on the radio or watch a show or call a sister, I instead will listen to a church talk or church music.  In the moments I would spend reading a good book, hopping on facebook, or reading blogs I love, I instead will use that time to study scriptures, listen or read a talk, watch a mormon message, pray, etc… doesn’t matter what, just something spiritual.  

My only rules are that when I’m in the car I can call a friend or sister and when Dane gets home at night, we can spend our nights however we want together (usually watching our favorite shows).  This doesn’t mean I can’t do play dates or go to the gym like I normally do, or play with my kids when we’re not busy.  I’m just replacing that time that I would normally do something that might be “good” or “ok” for me, with something that’s “best”.  I’m gonna report on my blog how each day went. 

Monday- Day 1

To be honest, I started the day out feeling a little bored and already missing my interactions on facebook and my favorite books and blogs, but I had committed so I wasn’t backing out.  When I got ready for the day I listened to a talk by President Uchtdorf.  It was a great talk on “truth” and it’s been running through my head all day.  When I was in the car with my boys we sang lots of church songs and our drives were peaceful.  I ate lunch with Boston without the distraction of the computer.  We listened to church music while I cleaned the kitchen.  Dane worked late tonight so I did FHE with the boys by myself.  We learned about Daniel and the Lion’s den.  When Boston and I were playing blocks we watched one of our favorite Mormon messages, “Heavenly Father, earthly father”.  Boston loves it, because it’s all about Daddies.  The boys are in bed now, Isaac asleep, Boston reading Thomas the Train books to himself and now I have my time, to blog, look at facebook, and watch my shows.  I hopped on face book and surprisingly felt kinda bored.  I’m also not dying to watch some of my favorite shows or read through my favorite blogs.  One thing I’ve noticed about today is that we had a really nice day.  I was super patient with my kids and we didn’t have any meltdowns, or tantrums (from me or Boston).  It was a really peaceful day.  Both my boys seemed really happy and while I felt less entertained, I feel really happy too. I also have had my mind focused on Heavenly Father/Gospel things all day long.  Maybe this will leave me open to more inspiration from him.  Hmm…. maybe there’s something to this.  🙂   


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