Birthdays and Valentines

Dane turned 30 this year so we decided we had to celebrate in a big way. He decided to celebrate with surgery.  Eye surgery to be exact.  His eyes didn’t qualify for regular lasik, so he had to get PRK, which was a fun week of blindness, pain and lots of discomfort.  Not to mention constant doses of medicine and eye drops all throughout the day and night.  

He’s grateful he got the surgery and feels younger now that he doesn’t have to wear glasses to see.  On his actual birthday we had a little family party with birthday hats, cupcakes and a yummy lunch.  I wasn’t allowed to get him presents (since his surgery was the present) but I couldn’t resist, so I made him up a goody basket with his favorite treats and some items that were more “needs” than “wants” like deodorants and body washes that he likes to splurge on etc and a small gift card… 

My birthday came  along two weeks later.  Just in time for me to spill water all over my Mac.  So my birthday present was a new lap top.  Dane did take me on a hott date though and got me flowers and a gift card.  

On one of the days Dane was recovering from his eye surgery he said to me, “Jill, you have earned yourself an awesome Valentines day”.  He was under heavy influence of drugs, but I hoped he’d remember that promise, and he did.  

On actual Valentine’s day we went out to eat and did Sealings at the Temple with his parents.  It was really fun and we’re thinking that’ll be a new Valentine tradition. 

Friday Dane took me out to PF Changs (he hates Chinese) and to see A Nicholas Sparks movie.  After that Dane’s little sister stayed overnight with Boston, while me, Isaac and Dane headed to a nearby hotel.  When we got to the hotel Dane opened the door and there were a trail of chocolates leading us to a bed, filled with my favorite treats.  🙂  Some girls want jewelry, others flowers, but me?  I like food.  

It was an awesome Valentines and we enjoyed celebrating 5 years of being together. 🙂 

That’s a wrap!


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