Boston 2 1/2 years old

Two and a half has been a fun age for Boston.  It’s surprisingly much easier than two.  Boston listens better, understands so much more, hits and bites less and cracks us up every day.  He pretty much knows his ABC’s now and loves to sing the song.  Daddy has taught him to count to 10 and I hear them practice on the monitor every night.  He is talking in full adorable sentences and the stuff he comes up with is hilarious.  For example, if he would like you to leave the room he says in a very sweet voice, “Get out.  I mean it.”  We’ve tried to teach him a nicer way to ask for privacy. We’ve taught him how to ask for what he wants, so most of his sentences these days, start with, “I want (fill in the blank)”.  When this doesn’t work, he just convinces me that what he wants WILL be happening.  

Every day when we come home from the gym Boss says, “Daddy home?” and I say, “No Boss, he’s at work”.  So the other day he tried a new tactic, 

Mommy, Daddy’s home!  Ok?  I mean it.

Boston’s very polite and anytime we give him anything he always says, 

Thanks Ma

Today when  I sneezed he said, “Oh, bless you Ma”.  

Boston is still incredibly friendly but instead of waving hello at the grocery store like he did as a baby, he now says,

Hi friend.


Hi Buddy.  

He’s becoming such a good brother and always makes sure zekey’s needs are met.  He brings him toys, binkies and blankies and is very defensive when other kids are interested in Zeke.  Boston talks sweetly to Isaac and says things like, 

We’re coming Zekey boo boo.  

It’s ok Zekey.

Hi baby.

Isaac’s cute.  

Hi Brudder…hiiii.

Sometimes Boston comes up with his own sayings and we have no idea where he came up with them.  One day he just started saying, 

peace out!

And today Boston said,

I’m gonna build the biggest tower ever! 

Boston’s loves huggys and Beijos (especially if he’s hurt) but is still as active as ever.  Daddy’s still his favorite friend, with Isaac not far behind, and Mommy pulling up the rear. 🙂 

Boss’ favorite book is Thomas the Train and his favorite show is Kipper. 

He’s so funny and we’re loving every minute with him. 




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