Day 3 of Good, better, best

Wednesday went well.  I listened to some church music while I hung out with the boys and got stuff done around the house.  I watched a lot of Mormon messages while I cleaned the kitchen and got dinner ready.  Mormon messages for me, are when I’m feeling a little spiritually lazy, or too busy to sit down and study.  I just run down the list and listen/watch them as I get things done and it inspires me and brings a really nice spirit to my home.  It also increases my desire to study the scriptures, so that’s a plus.  

The thing that I’m really starting to notice is that when night time rolls around and I can now use my free time how I want, I’m much more selective with what I do, because I have a long list of things I would like to do.  So instead of just cruising through blogs, facebook and craigslist to wind down at night, I choose  the book I’ve been dying to read all day.  

The two big benefits I’ve seen from this challenge are,

1.  My boys and I are happier.  Dane even commented how extra happy Boston has seemed all week and I am feeling more fulfilled and extremely grateful.  I don’t know what it is, but during this challenge I have had an excess of grateful moments that stop me in my tracks.  

2.  I’m feeling more successful as a Mom and homemaker.  Sometimes I think spiritual growth is just all about me and personal, but it’s really not.  I’m the Mom, the heart of the home and what I do to better myself, betters my family and i’m totally seeing that with this challenge.  There’s an added measure of the spirit in our home and the feeling is tangible. 


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