Day 4 of Good, better, best

Thursday was a bummer day.  I didn’t waste time on facebook or blogs, or whatever else I would usually do, but I still was feeling bummed.  The day started out good enough.  I hit the gym like I’ve been doing every day and I got in devotional with Boss.  The boys and I read books together, I had a friend over for a while, but by the time dinner was over and Dane and I were hanging out with the boys I turned to him and said, “is it ok if I just vent? I just need to say how I’m feeling” and so I just rambled on about how I felt like a loser Mom today.  There was absolutely no reason for me to feel that way, especially given that I did a lot of great things for my family that day, but I still felt down.  I felt like I wasn’t very good at keeping up with the tasks in my house, not sure If I was doing enough for Boston ( and just in general i felt guilty/losery.  

As I was talking( ok, venting) I realized that I hadn’t done ANYTHING to feed myself spiritually that day.  Not. One. Thing.  No scriptures.  No good music.  Not even any Mormon messages.  Nothing.  It hit me what a difference it must make for me when I give myself that “spiritual nourishment” that I need.  

So that’s another benefit of this challenge.  I’m realizing that even if I don’t waste my “free time” I still need to make time to do at least something for myself spiritually, every day.

Oh and I need to go to bed earlier, so I don’t feel so dang exhausted all the time…but I already knew that. 


2 thoughts on “Day 4 of Good, better, best

  1. sarah

    You are the furthest thing from a looser mom! You are so caring and hard working. Don’t ever think that about yourself okay? You rock, and I sincerely mean it.


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