Isaac 6 months

My blog is in desperate need of some family history catch-up.  Isaac turned 6 months old on Valentines day.  He is 26 inches long (56th %) 18.6 lbs (68%) and his head is still huge (96%).  He is rolling over both ways, gabbing and talking all day long and still the happiest baby ever.  He started solid foods and is loving it.  We’re trying to get him adjusted to a bottle,(for the occasional date night and what not)  but that boy really just prefers to nurse.   Zeke and Boston are becoming such good little buddies and it’s been very fun to watch.  He thinks Boston is hilarious and Boss just eats this up.  Everyone remarks on what a happy little guy Isaac is and I’ve gotta say, I have LOVED having two happy babies.  


Isaac had his 3rd ear infection recently so we’ve been referred to the ENT (looks like tubes are in his future).  We just moved Isaac from next to my bed, to the walk in closet and it was really hard for me.  I miss that little guy, but we are both sleeping better, so it’s worth it.  He no longer can nap just anywhere.  He now has to be put down, officially, for all of his naps, which is more work for me, but he’s talking awesome 2-3 hour naps so I’m not complaining! 

I can’t believe how fast 6 months has flown.  Isaac’s been such a little joy in our home.  We all just love him to pieces!


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