A wishlist

I have a long list of things I want to learn and do in this life, so long I don’t think one life time will be enough. This list is probably the reason I toggled between about 10 different majors in college.  This list falls somewhere between never gonna happen (like my wish to be Queen of Ireland as a kid) and wishing my bathroom would get clean (totally doable).  Here it is

  • Become an herbalist and own my own Aveda-smelling shop with wood floors, open wood shelves and glass tinctures all over.  
  • Own a quaint adorable bookstore
  • Own a flowershop
  • Design furniture
  • Learn how to code
  • Learn to garden (flowers and food)
  • Grow a beautiful flower, herb and vegetable garden
  • Grow fruit trees
  • Get all of the closets in my house superbly organized
  • Own only high end skin care, makeup and hair care and take better care of my skin and hair
  • Visit Greece
  • Live in another country for at least a summer
  • Visit Brazil
  • Get my Bachelor’s degree in…something.  Last I was in school I did one semester after my associates in my major, English…maybe continue with that?
  • Become a Counselor, which would require me to pursue a masters
  • Become involved in some way in the birthing community, wether that’s helping women through post partum issues, becoming a doula, not sure.
  • Write a novel…that actually gets published
  • Get fit and healthy, and stay that way.
  • Raise Gentleman
  • Home school my children (There’s a good chance this won’t be right for our family, but I love the idea).
  • Visit Africa and do something meaningful while I’m there.
  • Go on a yoga retreat.
  • Ride an elephant
  • Learn to play guitar and piano, two instruments that I started and never continued
  • Study in depth our founding fathers
  • Own an office supply store…but more girly, filled with beautiful papers, pens, and fun organizy type stuff.
  • Become a Scriptorian
  • Learn a 2nd language.  I think Portuguese is really beautiful, but Spanish might be more practical?  Not sure what will win out.
  • Celebrate a 50 year wedding anniversary
  • Plan a wedding (hopefully a daughter’s) some day.
  • Learn to be an awesome cook and baker
  • Live on the coast
  • Own a bed and breakfast
  • Visit the church history sites back east
  • Visit Jerusalem
  • Live by a sibling again
  •  Pay off a house
  • Have 4 more children
  • Help troubled boys get a good education and turn their lives around…in my wildest dreams I’d have a Jo’s Boys type school to run.
  • Have cut up fruits and vegetables constantly stored and ready for eating in my fridge,
  • Own the Emma set of plates from Pottery Barn
  • Have an open shelf kitchen
  • Own a kitchenaid
  • Write my Grandparent’s love story
  • Go on annual trips with my siblings and their families
  • Spend a summer golfing at least 4 times a week
  • Own my own set of clubs again
  • Learn to be a less angry golfer
  • Turn my blogs into books
  • Take prettier pictures with a nicer camera
  • Study architecture again
  • Study interior design again
  • Learn to paint and have a paint studio
  • Visit San Antonio
  • Go on a spa trip with a bunch of girls
  • Visit Prince Edward Island with my mom and sisters
  • Visit my brother in New York
  • Eat a fresh pomegranite
  • Host a lovely dinner party and making it beautiful down to the smallest details
  • Live in Seattle again
  • Spend a Christmas in New York
  • See a Broadway play in New York
  • Design a home we live in.
  • Find and buy the perfect bed with the perfect bedding ( I plan to invest thousands toward this endeavor)
  • Have my husband build a tree house for my kiddos and string up twinkle lights all along our backyard.
  • Ride a horse at a faster pace than a small trot
  • Organize my computer
  • Organize all my pictures on my computer
  • Print out some pictures
  • Shop the farmer’s market regularly
  • Host a giant family Christmas with all my siblings at my house some day
  • Own a porch swing and a hammock
  • Build and fill up a beautiful library in my house
  • Study finance more in depth
  • Own a dinner bell and ring it when it’s time for dinner. 🙂
  • Own a grand piano and have a music room in my home
  • Let my children draw on the walls of their rooms in a home we own someday (read the Last Lecture if you want to know why)
  • Study literature and poetry in more depth
  • Learn to sew
  • Work in the Temple
  • Serve a mission with Dane
  • Send my boys off on missions
  • Own bikes and go on family bike rides like I did as a kid
  • Take my kids on Sunday nature walks like I did as a kid
  • Fly kites at Gasworks park with my children.  Have a photo shoot there with my family.  Preferably done by Chelsea our wedding photographer.  We took engagement photos at Gasworks and that was the day I made my kite wish.
  • Live in Queen Anne
  • Open a charming candy store like Lolli and Pops
  • Open an etsy shop someday
  • Write and publish a children’s book

Well that’s all for now.  We’ll see how much actually gets accomplished on this list.   I’d be quite the multi-tasking, educated, rich, Hippy, materialist, entrepreneur (with great skin and hair) if all this were to be accomplished.  🙂  It’s pretty dreamy imagining all these wishes coming true, but my two biggest wishes have already been fulfilled.  I’m a wife and mother and while that may seem lame or old school to some, It’s the most fulfilling thing I could ever do with my life.

The end.


5 thoughts on “A wishlist

  1. Carrie Funk

    dang that’s quite a list. and the most impressive in my opinion is have 4 more kids. you’re my hero. i’d love to visit san antonio with you some day! ahh the memories. and bake with you.

    1. I used to sleep Post author

      Oh Carrie… we so need a big San Antonio trip! It would be so fun. I’d want to visit our old neighborhoods…see how they’ve changed, or just stayed the same. 🙂 I miss you


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