Thank you


This Mother’s day I have so many people to thank.  First my Heavenly Father.  What an amazing plan he had for all of us.  I’m so grateful he gave us all an opportunity to experience parenthood (in various ways).  It gives me such a personal connection to him.

I’m grateful to my ancestors that are the reason I’m here, but in particular my two Grandmas.  They are both wonderful strong women, raising 5 children each.  They’re both very different, but equally wonderful examples of womanhood to me.

I owe a big thank you to Dane’s Mom.  She did an excellent job raising 6 children, 4 of those being wild boys.  I appreciate her advice and understanding when it comes to raising boys.  She’s also an incredibly talented  and loving woman and is respected in the highest degree by my husband, her youngest boy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Momma! You are so much of the reason I have the love and appreciation I do for Motherhood.  You never pretended it wasn’t hard, but I never had a doubt about your deep love and respect for motherhood.  You’re my best example of unconditional love and I love being loved by you.  🙂  You’re one of my favorite people and best friends. I’ll always need ya.  Even when I’m 80. 🙂

Thank you to my aunts that have loved me and been the slightly “cooler” mother figures in my life.  Aunts are always cooler than Mom’s, am I right?

Thank you sisters (including Jodi)!  You 4 have influenced my parenting experience SO much.  Your babies were mine before I had my own.  I’m so grateful to be the youngest and get great advice and ideas on how to raise my babes from all of you.  You’re all such excellent and involved Mom’s, I’m just so blessed to have the “in” on all of your child-rearing secrets. 🙂 You girls may be the heaviest influence on the way I parent, so thank you much!

A BIG FAT thank you to Dane!  You helped make me a Mom.  You are the only one on this earth that loves my babies just as much as me.  You’re the only one that understands them the way I do. You’ve been there for every late night, all the ups and downs, all the worries, all the firsts and you’ve shared all of that with me!  When Boston first smiled your the only one that felt the same exact joy that I did! You were there crying with me the moment Isaac was born.  You taught me how to swaddle and you’re the Superhero and Rockstar of this home.  Our boys love you more than anything in this world.  They admire you and watch you like a hawk.  I’d be proud to see our boys turn out like you.  You’re such a good man.  Thank you.

And now my biggest, most giant thank you to my sweet boys!

Boston,  you made me a Mom.  You were and always will be my first baby.  We’ll always have a special bond, because all of my firsts as a Mom will be with you!  The first time I felt the joy of seeing my baby smile was with you.  The first time I heard my new name (Momma) was from your sweet little voice.  You get all of my firsts sweet boy and words can not express the joy I get from your existence.  I love you.

Isaac, my sweet little Zekeyboo, you are my little darling.  My sweet as could be angel, that loves and adores me like nothing else.  To be loved by you is as sweet as it gets.  You helped me heal from a really difficult time in my life.  You gave me the beautiful birthing and postpartum experience I had always hoped for.  You showed me my strength.  I will always feel like we share something special because of that.  I never knew I could love someone as much as my first baby, but I love you EVERY BIT as much.  We’ve spent many long nights together and while they leave me grumpy in the morning, I can only look back at them with fondness, remembering your chubby little body nuzzled up to mine.  I’ll always treasure our nights together. 🙂

Life just doesn’t get better than this.  I’m so grateful today.


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