So many choices


I opened the fridge and pulled out two kinds of yogurts and walked them over to Boston.  I knew there was no need to go through this whole routine, because I knew exactly which yogurt he would pick, but I gave him a choice.

Strawberry?  Or Blueberry?

A huge smile spreads across Boston’s face and with his nose he points to the strawberry.

I knew he’d pick this one. 

As I start to walk the blueberry yogurt back to the fridge he stops me and says,

No! Blueberry

I also knew he’d choose this one second. 

I hand him the blueberry yogurt and he sits down for a snack with the most satisfied little look on his face.  We do this same routine with the yogurt (and many other things often) because the boy LOVES that he has a choice and you know?  I totally get it!  Most of his life is decided for him, but he gets these moments where HE gets to make the choice and he capitalizes on it!  One of my favorite memories is from Zero Hero day in Kindergarten.  On this special occasion my teacher would pass around a Zero Hero treat (on this particular day it was Cheerios).  I had just learned that I didn’t have to just take the treat being passed around, but that I could say, “No thank you”.  I was thrilled about this opportunity, so like Boston, I capitalized on it.  When the Cheerios came my way I said,

No thank you.

I was thrilled… for about 10 seconds until I realized that I really wasn’t getting any cheerios, but I will always remember the feeling I had, when I learned I had a choice!

So that’s my goal for Boston these days.  Give him as many choices as I possibly can every day.  Maybe that’ll make the times that I have to make the choice for him a little easier. 🙂


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