Oatmelt = Oatmeal

Mommy sit in my lap = let me sit in yours

Kick-ah-go = Chicago (where Daddy travels to often)

indibibidle = indivisible (only used when saying the pledge of allegiance) 

Gank-ooo = Thank you

Coo Coos = Blues clues (He can say blues clues, but he just gets lazy when talking about his blankie in phrases such as “Where’s my coo coos?”

Hers/hims = her and him

spwinkers! = sprinklers

I want nice and warm milk

I go to sleep nice and warm  (He likes being nice and warm obviously)

Daddy back at work?

I not sick, I happy (only used when he actually is sick, but wishes he weren’t)

Of course

hiiii brudder (said in a high pitch mommy-like voice)


Just a few silly things that I don’t want to forget about this adorably flawed stage. 🙂 




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