Feels like home


You know, The Tri cities is not the coolest city I’ve ever lived in, but it just might be my favorite.  Why?  Because of my little community.  I’ve made myself a home here.  My neighborhood is filled with members of my church on every street.  It’s a great little community of people ready to serve and help at the drop of a hat.  Just yesterday a friend was in need and within minutes of asking, multiple people lined up to bring her family dinner.  My boys are sick today (typical day in mommyhood) and a friend dropped by a little “get well kit” complete with matchbox cars that helped Boston fall back asleep when he woke up crying.

I have the best in laws in the world who are also some of my closest friends.  One sister in law has been checking on me and my boys all day, while my other sister in laws took care of business going on over at our new house.  And after a long list of recommendations from yet another sister in law I’ve been devouring a new book.

I have another great little community at my gym that I feel right at home with.  Me and all the other nine o’clockers show up every day and encourage each other to do our best.  I feel comfortable there and my boys do too.  Boston looks forward to seeing the same motorcycle in the parking lot everyday and opening the big gym doors.  He rushes past the front desk like he owns the place and looks for his older friend Dan to give him high five.

Dane and I said I love you for the first time in Richland, we’re buying our first home just up the street in Pasco and I delivered my 2nd baby just over the river in Kennewick.  It’s a good little town we live in, but it’s the memories we’re making with these great people that make this place home.


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