Isaac at 10 months


I haven’t done a Zekey update in a while, so I figured it was time.  At 10 months Isaac is about 20 lbs and I’m not sure how long.  At his 9 month appointment he was in the 50th% for weight and I think 88th% for height.  He’s still my cuddly little bug, but he’s getting so much skinnier!  😦  He’s as cute as ever, but It makes me sad to see him losing all his squish.  Isaac still has 3 words in his vocab,




Nana is just babble talk, but he uses Dadda and Momma on the correct people.  🙂   He loves to babble and is constantly talking.  He’s starting to learn his baby signs.  He knows what food, more and nurse mean, but he hasn’t done the signs himself yet.  His new tricks are clapping and waving.  His wave is a little wild and frantic but it’s very cute.  Zekey is a crawling machine and crawls all over the place.  He’s very curious (like big brother) and tries to get into everything. Climbing and sitting on the dishwasher door is his favorite right now.  He also pulls himself up on furniture and walls, or whatever’s available.  He’s cruising along furniture and can stand on his own for a few seconds at a time.

Zekey also does this silly thing where he stands on his head in the middle of a room (sort of extreme downward dog).  Zekey definitely has a silly streak and loves laughing with brother.  They play together all the time and really enjoy each other’s company.  When Daddy and Boston are doing wild play Zekey always tries to join in.  He’ll even stop nursing (which he loves) or eating to go wild play.

Isaac is a smiley happy baby and people often comment on how content he is.  One of the easiest babies around.  He still doesn’t sleep through the night (ey yi yi).  At one point he was, but then every time he gets sick, sleep training goes out the window.

Zeke is still a total Momma’s boy.  I’ve never been loved the way he loves me.  He just NEEEDS me and lights up when I’m in a room. If I walk in a room he’ll go from perfectly happy to totally distraught until he’s in my arms.  He loves to lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle up.  It’s so fun having a cuddly baby.

Isaac just barely got his 4th or 5th haircut and he still just has his two bottom front teeth, but is working on another tooth right now.

I think that’s everything!  We love our Zekeyboo.  He’s such a little light in our home and it’s like he’s been here all along.


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