4th of July weekend 2013

Sun baby

Our 4th of July weekend has been just my cup of tea.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a weekend this much.  It helps that Dane had Thursday off so we get 4 whole days together!  We started Wednesday night off by going out to eat as a family.  On Thursday (4th of July) I got a good morning run in and then we had a fun day at Nana’s pool.  We packed a picnic and ate under the pavillion with Brett and Bekie’s family, Kiki and The Browers.  After lunch we swam for hours.  Boston loved being in the pool (I even took him back again later that day to get one last swim in).  We spent the evening at Nana’s, relaxing, eating chips and Guacamole and chatting it up.  The kids played silly games together, ran around the backyard, played with the dog and when they got really tired, laid out on the couch to good old Kipper.

For dinner we ate home made Costa Vida Pork Salads and I stuffed myself on 3 different kinds of dessert!  It was ridiculous…but delicious.  As night settled in we played a round of cards, then lined up on the couch and watched Independence Day.  We paused our movie to give the kids glow sticks and run around outside, while we watched about 10 different firework shows go off in the distance over the hills.

Around 10:30 we headed home and crashed in bed.  On Friday morning I headed off to the gym to do Spin and get a run in.  We spent the rest of the day at home hanging out together.  At one point we were all reading books together (Isaac was more like chewing on his books) and it was heaven.  🙂  Dane finished the night working on our dining room table and I hopped in the bath and read a book I haven’t read in a long time.

Today I got in an early morning run and Dane went golfing.  I spent the early afternoon playing with the boys, doing a little cleaning and reading books with Boston.  When Dane got home, Zekey woke from his nap and we all got slurpies and headed to the splash pad.  Once we noticed Boston lying on the pavement more than running through the water, we decided to load the kids up and get them home for 1st and 2nd naps.  Dane peeled Boston off the pavement and we headed home.

I took care of Zeke, Dane took Boss and then we cuddled up in bed together and Dane watched his movie while I read till I fell asleep. I woke up to Dane cuddling Isaac in our bed and I opened up my book and read some more until Boston woke up.

Dane grilled us steaks and now we’re hanging out downstairs, watching a movie/blogging.

It’s been the perfect combo of relaxing at home and getting out in the sunshine.

Oh and today Isaac took his first step and did his first baby sign (food).  A pretty monumental weekend all in all. 🙂


2 thoughts on “4th of July weekend 2013

  1. Carrie Funk

    that sounds like the perfect weekend! Shawn hasn’t had the weekend off in over a month, I’d love a day like that.


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