Bos and IsaacMy home is a happy home tonight.  Dane is working away on Boston’s birthday invitations as I take a break from paper airplane folding (for the invitations) to recognize this moment.  This moment of peaceful, contented, happiness.  Isaac’s asleep in his crib, stretched out like a star, with his mouth wide open.  Boston sneaks out of his bedroom to check on what he’s missing out on.  We invite him into the room.  He sits on Daddy’s lap and I read and point out the words on his birthday invitation.   A giant, excited grin spreads across his face and he giggles.  I take his hand and we run back to his bed.  I tuck him in tight.  First Blue’s clues snuggie, then Momma’s bicycle blanket, and topped off with Nana’s quilt.

Dream of airplanes.

He closes his eyes with a grin on his face.

I live in a happy home, with happy boys.  My heart is full.


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