The perfect day

I was writing in my journal during nap time and reading over some old journal entries when I came across this one below.  It was written on a rough day, and it made me smile.  🙂

 If I could choose what I would do tomorrow, I would just have a day with Boston and Isaac at a big giant park. So big, and safe that it wouldn’t matter how far Boston ran, he could never get hurt.  We’d have a big picnic blanket with piles and piles of books and when Boston tired from running, we’d read.  When he tired from reading I’d put both boys on the swing set and push them till my arms felt like falling off while they laughed and laughed.  Isaac with his deep belly laugh and Boston with his loud cackle.   We could be loud and scream and run and jump and we could play music as loud as we wanted.  We’d eat a delicious homemade meal and have the most decadent, white cake for dessert, with strawberries on top.  We’d sip on cherry limeaides and then run around and pretend to be birds and airplanes. This park would look like the Arboretum in Spokane where we took Boston as a baby.  Man I have happy memories there.  In the middle of the park would stand a giant willow tree with a creek trickling by.  Under the tree would be a big beautiful, cozy bed.  The most squishy warm bed you’ve ever laid on.  Me, Isaac and Boston would curl up on this bed and read more books and do our devotional and then drift off to sleep while watching Curious George on some floating tv.  We would just drift peacefully to sleep listening to the quiet tunes of Jack Johnson.  (Ohhhh this is so my happy place).  When we wake, we’d do everything all over again but this time with Daddy and come nightfall we’d sleep in that big bed again under the stars.  Maybe we’d watch a movie or two with a nice big bowl of popcorn.  I would feel totally safe and secure.  Content and happy.  I would have no worries about my children and I would feel like a good Mom.

That would still be my perfect day.  🙂


This is at the Spokane Arboretum on a real life perfect day. 🙂
PS Could that be my office/writing space/craft room? Inspiring!


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