Family Update

We just had Isaac’s 15 month well baby appointment today which inspired me to write an update on our boys.

Isaac at 15 months:

Weight: 23 lbs 12 oz: 50-60th%

Height: 31 inches: 50th%

Head: 19 inches: 90th%

Nicknames:  Zeke, Zekey, Zekeyboo, Zekeyboos, Zekeybooboo, Zekey of the boos, Zekey of the booboo clans, Zekey of the clan mcbooboo (You get the idea), Zekeyboy, chub to the bub, chubs, Bupas

Isaac is growing up so fast  It seems like overnight he went from baby to big boy.  He loves to climb on everything and get his little hands into every nook and cranny he can find.  I often find shoes with the pots and pans and kitchen utensils in the entertainment center drawers.  He’s my very own Curious George.  Isaac loves to be silly.  He has the sweetest temperment and enjoys laughing and making others laugh.  Isaac still believes him and I should be attached most the day and will cry and cry if I can’t hold him when he wants to be held.  He’s my social bug and is content and pleasant 95% of the time we’re out and about or with other people.  Isaac is a little chatter box and loves to talk. From the minute he wakes up he starts pointing out things in his room and says, “Woow” or “hhoooo”.  Isaac has about 8 words already.

Hi, Bye, Uh-oh, No, Thank you, light, ball, Momma, Dadda, go and stop.  He also will try to repeat just about anything you tell him.  He has a couple baby signs and those are food, all done, bye bye, blowing kisses and Nigh Night.

Isaac’s trying to jump like brother and he loves to chase (or be chased) around the house.  I hope he doesn’t figure out how to climb out of his crib anytime soon.  😦  Our little man loves to play with cars (or anything with wheels) and I will very often find him reading books by the bookcase.  His night time song is still, “The way you look tonight” and he loves all of his small Dr. Seuss board books.  We love that Zekey boo.

Boston at 3 years old:

Length: 39 inches: 90th%

Weight: 32lbs: Around the 50th%

Nicknames: Boss, Bosty, Bostybear, Bostyboy, bud, Bossman Bing, Bossman, Mancub, little man, Bostyboo

3 has been a fun age for Boston.  His little personality is developing so much and he’s learning and growing so fast these days.  His vocabulary is huge and he loves to have long (usually hilarious) chats about everything.  Boston’s a little parrot these days so we have to be much more careful about what we say around him.  I heard him yesterday tell Isaac, “Isaac, don’t touch.  I’ve told you that a million times”!  🙂  A strengh I’ve noticed of Boston’s is his memory sense of direciton.   He has a way better sense of direction than me.  He could probably tell me how to get to all of our usual places (church, gym, home, etc…) Boston can count to about 16 and knows most the letters in the alphabet well.  He still knows the pledge of allegiance and first article of faith (we’re working on the 2nd).   He also knows how to apply counting to objects and can tell how many items are there.   Daddy is still his best friend as is Isaac.  He loves his little brother so much and can’t wait for Isaac to wake up from naps and play with him.  Boston loves when he can make Isaac happy and is trying very hard to be sweet with him. I’ve noticed Boston is a very empathetic little soul and thrives on other people’s energy.  He loves to dance, sing, read, run, build and climb.  I most often find him playing some form of imaginary game.  He LOVES to play pretend.  Boston makes Dane and I laugh every day.  so far 3 has been much Imageeasier than 2.  Boston has become a much better listener and is much easier to reason with.  We love our Bosty boo.


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