Christmas FHE

We have a family home evening tradition around Christmas time.  Throughout the month of December, every Monday night we have a lesson on the Atonement.  We study the Atonement because it’s the Savior’s gift to us and on Christmas day we give our gift (for the year) to the Savior.  Yesterday I tried to break down our lesson to Boston’s level. I said a prayer to be inspired how to go about this and I definitely felt inspired.  Here’s the lesson, (It was about 5 minutes long) 

I started the lesson by holding a Present in my hand.  I told Boston that we were going to talk about  Jesus Christ’s gift to us. (He was excited).  I told him this is the most special gift we have in our lives and it’s called the Atonement.  Then I said,

I’m gonna show you how the Atonement works.

Then I handed Boss a glass filled with water and told him to dump it on the floor.  He knows this is a BIG NO NO in our home.  He was REALLY excited/nervous.  He started by pouring a little and then poured it all out.  After he dumped it all out I asked him what we should do?  He said,

We should clean it up

So I said,

Ok, I’m gonna help you clean this up.

I handed him a towel and I grabbed a towel of my own and we both worked to clean up the big mess.  Boston was saying “uggh” as he was trying to mop up all the water.  I said,

This is hard work, huh?

He said, yes.  After we cleaned up I said,

Look Boss it’s all clean!  

and he said,

Yeah!  No more mess!

After that I grabbed him and gave him a hug and told him I loved him and was proud of him.  Then I took his hands and looked him in the eyes and told him that this is how the Atonement works.  

When we make mistakes or make bad choices (hit Isaac, aren’t a good friend, don’t listen to Mommy) we just need to pray, say we’re sorry and ask for help.  Then Jesus Christ will help us know what to do to fix our mistakes and clean up our messes.  

Then I asked Boss,

Did you know that we won’t always live in this house?  Someday we’ll live in Heaven with  Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and all of our loved ones!  We get to do that  because of the gift of the Atonement. 

We had Boston say the prayer that night and he thanked Heavenly Father for the Atonement.  We also told Boston to start thinking about what he wants his gift to the Savior to be. It was a sweet little night and I think it resonated with Boston.  It was one of our only FHE’s that he was fully attentive.  

So grateful to have the Gospel guide my parenting.  



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