Giving up the Goal

So, I’m giving up the scale and the weight goal that goes along with it.  However, I’m not giving up my healthy lifestyle.  It’s just that, every day (6 days a week) I head to the gym, I work hard, I eat well through the day, go to bed happy, and then wake up the next morning only to step on the scale and feel disappointed that i’m not at my goal.  I carry that disappointment with me throughout the day and I’ve just recently decided it’s not for me. 

Goals are wonderful to have, but I’ve lost sight of what my REAL goal is.  That goal is that I want to be a healthy weight, and feel fit.  Have the energy and fitness to run races and play with my kids.  I want to prevent diseases that are sure to come if I don’t stay fit.  I want to mostly eat food that fuels my body and occasionally enjoy my favorite treats.  Most of all I just want to care for the body that God gave me.  My body has grown babies, birthed them and sustained them.  I’d like it to do that for me a few more times, so I’ve got to take care of it!  And I am!  No need for guilt.  No need to feel bad that I’m 5 or 10 lbs away from the weight I thought I should be.  I’m in a healthy weight range. I feel very fit and I’m reasonably satisfied with the way I look.  That’s enough.  And if it’s not enough, then I need to work on my mental game…not the physical.  I’m doing all I can, and IT IS ENOUGH.  🙂

I gave up the scale a few days ago and have felt liberated since!  I honestly feel better and more confidant every morning that I don’t step on that scale.  I might do a check in once a month to be sure I haven’t gotten out of my healthy weight range, but I have faith that listening to my body, (eating well and working out) will be all I need to stay nice and healthy. 

On another important note, my boys follow me around every morning as I get ready.  They watch me step on the scale every morning.  They like to weigh themselves after me.  My boys are learning that this is an important part of a morning routine and I don’t want them to think that.  Because it really, really isn’t.  We often think more about little girls when talking about body image, but I want my boys to understand what a healthy body image is too.  I want them to be familiar with what a healthy woman looks and acts like.  And I don’t believe that healthy woman lets a scale determine how she feels about herself that day. 

So I won’t either.  🙂


One thought on “Giving up the Goal

  1. Carrie

    I have phases of this too! I’ll have times that I’m always checking the scale and when I’m not too obsessed about it I feel so much better. As long as my clothes are comfy and I feel good its a win! Loved this.


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