Isaac’s 2nd birthday

Isaac had his 2nd birthday today. We opted out of parties this year and instead kept things lower key with “birthday adventures”. We started the day with opening presents. Isaac got a swivel car, two train sets, an ABC book and a special gift from brother which was a light up ball and jacks from the Target dollar section. Boston and I talked the day before Zekey’s birthday. I took him on a special trip to pick out a card (he picked a Yoda card with a watch that makes music), gift and book for Zekey. We talked about how our own birthday’s are fun, but one of Mommy’s favorite things to do, is make other people feel REALLY special on their big day. I asked if he wanted to be my helper in making Isaac’s day special and he said yes. And boy did Boston deliver.

He was sweet and kind to Zekey the whole day. He even used his kindest high pitched voice on Zekey most the time. šŸ˜‰ He was thrilled and excited about Zekey’s presents and he always gave up his turn playing with one of Isaac’s toys, if Isaac chose to pick it back up. He helped me bake Zekey’s cake, open presents, and teach Isaac all about the birthday ropes. It was so fun to witness that sweet brotherly love.

After presents we ate smiley face pancakes made by moi. We spent the morning playing with cousins. For lunch we had noodles and hot dogs, then we headed off to the Trampoline park where we met a couple friends. Isaac’s friend Kade got him a couple foam swords that he carried around with him most the day. During nap time, Boston and I baked and cleaned and at 5 we had the family over for cake and Ice cream. It was the ugliest cake (tasted good) but while I was making it Boston said,

“Mom you are the very very very very best cake maker in the whole world”. He was SO impressed with my terrible cake skills. My kind of man!

After Ice cream the family headed off to Daddy’s softball game and the boys and I ate a yummy dinner of popcorn, while we cuddled up and watched a movie. Yes we had cake, ice cream and popcorn for dinner. Why not?

Isaac also got some awesome super hero underoos from Bonkie and a batman car from Nana. It was a fun filled crazy day and Isaac has loved it so much that he crawled back out of bed to come play with his train set with Daddy. Still awake.

I love being a Mom to this happy, playful, amazing little boy.


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