Pictures of our Preschool

preschool closet

Our Preschool closet. I have the posters hung on tacky tape so I can move them to the wall on preschool days so they’re more accessible for Boston.

Interior closet door left

Flag, Shapes and Colors posters.


The Calendar I made for $3. Each number is tacky taped and removable so I can change the numbers each month.

Calendar holidays

This calendar came with fun holiday squares that I stuck beneath the date

Preschool full shelf

This is the main preschool shelf.


Boston’s froggy backpack that he’ll carry to preschool every day. šŸ™‚


I’m lucky to have giant closet doors opposite my dining room table, so that my house doesn’t look like a school, yet it’s easily accessible to Boston at any time.

extra supplies

A shower caddy that I use to contain Boston’s extra school supplies.

Foam clock

Not sure if we’ll work on time this year, but the clock was $1 so I figured why not?!

Frog contents

The contents of Boston’s Froggy backpack. Colored craft sticks, Flash cards, his journal and pencil box.

Preschool shelf

More supplies. This is my Cleaning and Organization Better Binder, but my Preschool binder will look just the same as this. Melissa and Doug floor puzzle, a reference book, and BOB books.

I’m still waiting for our Felt Weather Bear, Book: What your preschooler needs to know and our Zoo-phonics kit.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll continue to post what we do on the blog. šŸ™‚


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