Preschool Curriculum


I’ve wrote a series of preschool posts that can be found under my “preschool category” for anyone interested in ideas”.  

Like I mentioned in my Preschool Schedule post I’ve decided to do a fairly formal curriculum with Boston, but I’m leaving room for inspiration and change if needed.

I’ve decided the subjects I’d like to cover with him are

ABC’s: Phonics, and writing.
Numbers:  Recognition, counting to higher numbers, light addition and subtraction, and writing numbers.
Geography:  Learning the US states.
Music:  We’ll have a composer of the month and have a lesson about that person and play their music during writing times that month.
Art:  We’ll have an artist of the month and do a lesson/art project based on that artist.
Reading:  Boston is EXTREMELY interested in learning how to read right now and wants me to read all of his books with a finger beneath each word.  He wants to know what everyone’s “Letters are” (how to spell their name) and he’s anxious to read his favorite books on his own.  He’s noticing different patterns with words on the page and how rhyming words look the same, which is fun!  For this subject it’s simple.  We’ll just read a we always do.  And when he’s asking “to learn to read” like he often does, we’ll pick up his BOB books and read them until he gets bored.  He only enjoys them for about 20 minutes at a time, TOPS.  Sometimes only 5 minutes.  And that’s fine too.  I never push it.  Again I care more that he loves to read then learns to read at this point.
Science:  This subject won’t have it’s own lesson, but will get incorporated when studying other things and knowing Boston it will probably be incorporated into our main lesson for the day often.
History:  This is another subject that will get studied via studying our states, Boston’s interests for the week, composer of the month and artist of the month.  We’ll also study our family history and a timeline of Boston’s life.
Main Lesson Each Day:  The main lesson each day will be based on Boston’s interests at that time.  He’ll often ask questions like, “Mom where does the water go when it goes down our pipes?”  or “Do beavers only live in dams?”  Or he’ll be particularly interested in birds, or the moon, etc… on any given week.  I’ll ask him on Sunday what he’d like to learn about that week and I’ll cater his lessons to that.  If he doesn’t have something specific, then I’ll base a lesson on his questions from that week or on something I feel inspired about.

We’ll also be learning about the weather and calendar every school day.  Pledge of Allegiance, and devotional (scriptures and article of faith memorization) will be included just as we always do.  We’ll change up how we learn through projects, art, singing, dancing, playing, moving and sitting.  Every week I’ll be picking up a pile of books on our lessons that week and limiting tv time so that Boston can continue his interests on non school days as well.

I’ve based this curriculum off of where Boston’s interests and abilities are at and I think it will work for him.  This is my favorite part of homeschooling…catering to your child’s exact needs. However, if I see that Boston is not enjoying a certain subject, or the way I’m teaching something. I  will change it up, because it’s more important to me that he develop a love of learning, rather then learn the content.  If he hates writing and is not ready, I won’t push it.  We’ll move on. The idea is for him to be excited about school, not dread it.


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