Preschool Schedule

Foam clock

I’ve wrote a series of preschool posts for anyone interested in ideas. Enjoy 🙂 

I’ve decided to do preschool two days a week for about 1-2 hours each day.  This recommendation came from my sister (the former preschool teacher) because it won’t be too much or too many days for Boston, and It won’t be as overwhelming for me when I’m planning and preparing.

9 am:  Put on our Froggy backback and march to our preschool room (the dining area…although preschool will only start there).  Sing our circle song and Hello song.  Do the Calendar and Weather Bear.  Pledge of Allegiance, and recite articles of faith that we’re working on.

9:15 am:  Introduce Composer of the Month, Artist of the month, letters of the day and numbers of the day.

9:30 am:  Go to table, pull out pencil box and work on letters or numbers worksheet. (play composers music in the background)

9:45 am:  Do numbers and letter lesson (this will include the phonics songs)

10:15 am:  Do lesson based on Boston’s interest for the day

10:30-10:45: Work on Geography puzzle.  That might mean putting it all together, memorizing a few states, driving toy cars across the states and finding the states on the map, or counting how many states we had to drive through.

11:00 am:  Journal writing/drawing and sing end of preschool song.

Times and content may get adjusted as we go, but this is our rough draft to start with.  I plan to continue blogging on our adventures with preschool.  I’d love to hear ideas or questions (not that I’ll have any answers for ya, but I’ll try).  The nice thing about doing preschool at home is that throughout the week we can continue reading our books based on our lesson that week, playing with the  geography puzzle, playing stack the states on the tablet, practicing reading and writing when Boston wants all without it being scheduled in.  🙂  I’m hoping preschool days will inspire the rest of the week.  Also my two year old’s gonna feel like a pretty big boy tagging along with big brother.  🙂



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