Twin update

At 17 1/2 weeks this pregnancy is cruising along!  We found out last week that we are having identical twin girls!  We are thrilled.  Girls are what I was hoping for, but there was a slight feeling of loss for me too, just knowing that they aren’t boys, because boys have been WONDERFUL.  However everyday I get more and more and MORE excited for girls.

I’ve now seen the specialist twice and on our first visit we received amazing news.  They were able to find a very thin, very whispy, membrane between the two babies.  So even though they share the same placenta, they have their own amniotic sacs which means there is zero risk of cord entanglement and the pregnancy has instantly become much less high risk. They are no longer Mono Mono, but Mono Di.   The dr’s only concern at this point (besides normal twin stuff like preterm labor) are the girls developing twin to twin transfusion.  That’s a condition where one twin receives most the nutrients from the placenta and the other doesn’t get enough.  So far there are no signs of that happening but I will continue to be closely monitored.  Both girls are a little over 5 ounces and 5 1/2 inches long.  Almost the same exact size!  They both have great heart beats and are kicking and moving like crazy.  Not that I can feel it, but it’s fun to watch on the ultrasounds.  I still head to Spokane every 2- 4 weeks, with appointments here in between.  

Also, random, but the twins placenta wraps in a backward C shape around the entire uterus.  Crazy… and Weird!  The only slight concern the Dr. has is that one twins cord connects at the end, not the middle of the placenta so that can be a sign of getting less nutrients, but again, I’ll be watched like a hawk and so far the babes look perfect!  


Twin girls cuddled up.

A big thank you goes out to all my friends and loved ones that have been an awesome support through kind words and prayers during what we thought was going to be a really scary time.  🙂  And another BIG thank you to the family and friends that continually babysit for me almost weekly with my never ending ultrasound schedule. 🙂  You’re all wonderful and thesegirls are going to be welcomed by the most wonderful community around.  


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