Zoo-phonics is rocking my world!

In the above video Boston is doing the hand signal, sound, and name.  For example, Bubba Bear likes to get honey from up high, so he grabs the honey and brings it to his mouth while making the sound.  And in case it’s not obvious given the PJ’s, Boston wanted to play Zoo-phonics, first thing this morning.  🙂

Ok I never thought flash cards could be so awesome.  I have two wonderfully wild boys that are excited about learning and I want to keep it that way.  My 4 year old is SO excited to learn how to read and he tries to every day.  I don’t want to kill this passion out of him, by boring him with things like….well, flash cards.  But Zoo-phonics are NOT your average flash cards.  They are AWESOME and for the last two days have been rocking our play time.

Boston already knows his letters and knew almost all their sounds, but not always consistently.  Zoo-phonics recommends teaching from concrete to abstract, simple to complex.  So right now our play time with these cards are really simple. I show him an animal card and he says the sound, does the signal and names the animal.  I recorded a really simple version of what we do, but in reality, Boston runs all over the house doing the signal and saying the sound, while I shout “Catina Cat!  Come back!”  He laughed and ran his way through 26 animals.  He’s so excited to get them down, because when we do, we get to move on to other flash cards and he knows these are the steps to getting him to read.

I think part of why this is so fun and motivating for Boss is because he’s VERY motivated to learn to read.  If your child doesn’t have quite as much interest just yet, then I would just stick to a couple flash cards at a time and not push it.  Or even just stick to reading your child’s favorite books until they become more interested.  The idea is not to kill it!  Don’t make it a task.  Make it fun!  It won’t be fun if they’re not interested, so my theory is


I’ve caught Boston picking up the flash cards and running through them on his own just for fun.  He also likes to tell me to be Bubba bear (doing the signal and sound) while he pretends to be another animal with their signal and sound.

As we get further along we can play matching games with the other cards and continue the fun!

Anyone else having a love affair with zoo-phonics? I’d love to hear!

Allie aligator

Animal only flash cards



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