Preschool Day one: Koalas

Here’s a link to Boston’s first day of school Interview. 🙂

first day

Brother tagged along every minute. 🙂

PReschool wall

The preschool wall

first day on steps



Nothin cooler than a Froggy backpack…except maybe a Fox one. 😉

Waiting to start

So anxious for preschool to start!

Me and Boss

Teacher and student. You can kiss the students when you’re also the Mom. 🙂

weather boy

Weather boy. The boys named him Kristoff 🙂


Tracing their names


Working on tracing letters and numbers

tic tacs

Mints, so the boys could smell like Koala’s do!


Making our own Koalas

Laundry baskets

Sitting in laundry baskets while I read them a Koala story


Journals at the end of day


Driving cars across the united states

Koala making

Candy land while waiting for Mom. 🙂

Today was our first day of Preschool.  It was a total success!  Yay!  Our good friend Charlie joined us (and hopefully will keep coming) and the two boys were adorably excited to be big “School boys”.

We started the morning with each boy grabbing a pillow off the couch to sit on.  Then we sang a circle song and a hello song.  After the hello song I shook each boys hand and asked how they were feeling.

Boston said “Sick, like barfing” (lies)
Charlie said “Happy”
Zekey said “Good”
Mommy said “excited”

The boys loved that part.  Then we said a prayer and repeated the first and 2nd articles of faith (Charlie goes to church with us, so we incorporated our devotional).  We stood at each poster and went over them.  We pledged allegiance and practiced reading a calendar.

A highlight of the morning was dressing the weather boy.  We named him first (Kristoff chosen by the boys), then we went outside to examine the weather.  When we came in we dressed Kristoff in appropriate clothing, talked about the season and turned the weather wheel to “Sunny”.    After all of our posters the boys were so excited to show off the contents of their backpacks, so we headed to the table to show off our stuff and do some tracing.  The only worksheets my kids will do are writing sheets.  I printed off a sheet with each of their names so that they could trace their names, then trace our letters of the day (A, B and C), and numbers.  To help the boys with sitting still I gave them each a piece of gum.  That will be a special part of writing time.  I think it helps to give their little mouths something to do, while they’re sitting still in a chair. They loved writing time so I guess it was a success.  I told them they could do as many or few of the worksheets as they wanted and they both finished most.  They got a sticker for every page they completed.

Before writing I introduced our composer this month, Johann Strauss the 2nd, and played his music in the background. After writing time I had both boys grab a laundry basket and hop inside.  I gave them each a pack of mint tic tacs and I read them a story about Koalas.  I told them the mints represented the minty eucalyptus leaves that Koala’s eat and that they would now smell like koala’s because they’re known to smell like mint candy.  I didn’t tell them what the Laundry basket represented, but to listen closely to the story and when I started talking about laundry baskets to stand up.  The story was about a Koala rescue and the rescue team carried the Joey around in a laundry basket.  🙂  The boys jumped up when they heard the part about laundry baskets.  We talked after about the story and how it started (sad) and ended (happy).

After story time we made a Koala craft.  We got to practice cutting, and using two kinds of glue.  We cut out Koala’s and pasted fuzzy’s to the paper to look like fur.  We glued on googly eyes and traced our hands and made those be the Koala’s ears.

After Koala crafting we did 3 zoo-phonics letters.  Then we wrote in our journals.  I wrote whatever the boys wanted me to and then wrote down how they were feeling.  They drew pictures.  We ended the day by driving our cars all over the U.S.  map.  I would shout “Drive to washington”,  “Head to Texas”.  We also started learning about north and south and left and right.  Then the boys just free played.

We had a mini play date after preschool and the boys played candy land.

It was such a fun morning!  Can’t wait for Tuesday, where we learn all about helicopters!  The boys get to pick our lesson each week. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Preschool Day one: Koalas

  1. Lindsay

    I love this!
    “Sick. Like Barfing.” Hahahaha!
    Getting a little peek at what my boy does while I’m not around is so fun.
    We’re both excited about this and so grateful for you!
    Love, Lindsay


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