Preschool day 2: Helicopters

Well me and my boys just woke up from a nice looong nap, we were worn out!  We had an exciting day at preschool today.  It was our first field trip.  Boston asked to study Helicopters so that’s what we did.  Medstar, a local company, was our host for the day.  They rolled out the red carpet for us.  Everyone got hats, cookies and jellybeans and we not only got to see helicopters, but planes and ambulances too.  Also each boy got to press buttons like sirens and horns and steer the wheels.  My advice when planning these trips is, keep the group small. They let you do more fun things, like press buttons, when there are just a few of you. 🙂

We had a short preschool day before the field trip and the boys are learning it’s kind of funny to say they’re feeling sick when we ask everyone how they’re feeling that day. So we had 2 boys feelings “sick”, one baby that only shouted “helicopter!” and a Mom that was happy.

2014-09-09 10.58.16

Looking at all the Sessna’s on the tarmac. We invited our buddy Tristan to join us and we’re so glad he came! Isaac’s shoving cookies in his mouth.

2014-09-09 10.57.30

The Medstar helicopter from a distance. A pediatric nurse was one of many that gave us the tour and made us feel extra special.

2014-09-09 10.43.07

Boston got to be a patient and they loaded him all the way into the ambulance. Isaac and Boston were the only boys that wanted to hop on that contraption. 🙂

2014-09-09 10.46.42

All the boys piled in the ambulance making the sirens go off. I had to force Charlie in there and I made him press buttons and turn on the siren. I think he’s glad I did?

2014-09-09 10.58.11

Happy boys

2014-09-09 10.56.52

in awe of all those planes

2014-09-09 10.37.51

The crew and our nurse.

2014-09-09 10.38.57

Not gonna lie, that Helicopter was cool.

2014-09-09 10.35.40

Zekey in the Helicopter. He was by far the most verbal about his excitement. He shouted “HELICOPTER!!!!” most the time we were there.

2014-09-09 10.34.00

Charlie was equally interested in this tractor. 🙂

2014-09-09 10.33.45

Boston was asking loads of questions. He even asked if we could do a “little fly”. The answer was SHOCKINGLY no. 🙂

2014-09-09 10.32.49

In the pilots seat.

2014-09-09 10.32.33


2014-09-09 10.29.47

Up the plane we go.

2014-09-09 10.30.54

I think Isaac’s yelling at me here to look at the “HELICOPTER!”

2014-09-09 10.31.57

Pretending to fly

2014-09-09 09.39.58

The start of today. I found a cute alphabet train that the boys could trace letters on.

2014-09-09 09.31.52

We dressed Kristoff a little silly today. Mittens and shorts for the cloudy weather.


2 thoughts on “Preschool day 2: Helicopters

  1. Lindsay

    Charlie has been chatting about it all day. He told me “Boston’s mom took me in the ambulance and we twisted the siren!!” – he may be shy and quiet but he is loving his school days. Thanks, Jill!!

    1. jill

      I’m so glad! I figured he would want to get in there. I’m glad he was happy about it. Once it’s just the four of us Charlie is all chatty again. 🙂 I love that kid. It wouldn’t be the same without him.


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