Preschool day 3: Volcanoes

We had a blast (cheesy I know) in preschool today.  The boys have been looking forward to it.  We studied volcanoes and geysers and got to make our own.

We started with our regular morning routine:

Circle song, hello song, ask how we feel, pray, do 1st – 3rd articles of faith, go over our numbers, shapes, colors chart, sing abc’s with the chart, read the calendar, count the days, pledge allegiance, go over Our picture of Strauss and Van Gogh and dress our weather boy Kristoff,

For writing time, we popped in some gum, turned on strauss and  did some Lego Movie prewriting worksheets from this awesome website that my good friend recommended.

Next we sat on our pillows and read a volcano book called, Volcanoes by Joelle Riley.  I highly recommend it.  The boys were totally engaged.  We learned about dormant, active and extinct volcanoes.  Next we watched a few youtube clips on Volcanoes and geysers erupting.

The highlight of the day was building the volcanoes, and making them erupt as well as the geyser in the backyard.

After Volcanoes we played zoophonics, wrote in our journals and worked on our states puzzle until pick up time.

It was an AWESOME DAY.

A video playlist below of 4 videos from our day.

2014-09-11 11.16.00

Making volcano sounds as they draw explosions in their journals

2014-09-11 10.19.02

Volcano prep

2014-09-11 09.27.22

Kristoff dressed for the cold but sunny morning

2014-09-11 11.21.43

Map building at the end of day




2 thoughts on “Preschool day 3: Volcanoes

  1. KathleenNelson

    Okay those videos were the cutest! What a fun preschool teacher/mommy you are. The boys are so adorable!!! So fun!


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