Preschool day 4: Basketball Math

Today was another great day of preschool.  We started with our normal morning routine, then headed to the table to eat a piece of gum and do our writing worksheets.  Today’s pre-writing worksheets were tracing your name and then a cute camping themed sheet (the boys all went camping this weekend).

We put on our Strauss music and I asked the boys who we were listening to and they both replied, “Strauss”.  It’s fun to see they’re becoming familiar with a classic.

For our lesson today I came up with a game I call, Basketball Math.  My sister had mentioned a friend using colored popsicle sticks for math, so I purchased some at the beginning of the school year.  We pulled out our flash cards and I taught them how to read addition equations.  They would “write” the equations out with their popsicle sticks and whatever the answer was, they would go find that number on the wall, tape it to the basket and shoot the ball in that many times. The boys LOVED this.  And did SO awesome!  It wasn’t over their heads at all and they were READING MATH EQUATIONS!  So cool to see what they’re capable of.  I selected the equations the night before and made sure no answer equaled over 10.

This helped them with number recognition, counting, adding and reading.  So so fun.  We also focused on using encouraging words when the other was up to shoot, so there was a lot of taking turns and team work.  We played until the boys started to seem less interested/tired.  That was 14 equations and an hour later.

We will definitely do this again.

After the game we had some snacks then geared up for Zoo-phonics races (the boys LOVE these).  We ended our day with writing in our journals, then cozying up on the couch and reading books.  We also had a few minutes to play a tablet game called “stack the states” and the boys loved that too.

Another successful day in the books!  Proud of these boys of mine. 🙂

2014-09-16 09.14.52

The weather was partly cloudy and cool

2014-09-16 10.32.17

Sometimes we do cheers. This cheer was especially nerdy, “Math rocks!”

2014-09-16 09.46.17

The boys writing out the math equation in sticks. The green sticks are always the top number and the red are always the bottom.

2014-09-16 09.44.13

Good job boys!

2014-09-16 09.42.18

Boston ready to shoot his basket, Charlie ready to throw it back

2014-09-16 09.40.33

Charlie’s turn. These boys have good arms!

2014-09-16 09.40.23

Cute boys

2014-09-16 09.40.04

We read the equation, then slide the sticks together and read the whole equation at once. “1 +2 equals 3!” The boys do this all on their own.

2014-09-16 09.35.30

Looking for the right number on the wall

2014-09-16 09.23.41

Isaac’s pre-writing practice. hehe. Baby genius am I right? 😉

2014-09-16 09.17.38

Tracing their letter and names



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