Preschool day 5: Boston’s 4th Birthday

Birthday energy was in the air today.  Decorations were set up, presents had been received and preschool was about to begin.  Charlie boy showed up to the house with more presents in tow.   We had to open them before preschool began.  Legos!  The boys couldn’t wait to play with them.  We went about our normal preschool routine with a few interruptions of

“Oh yeah!  You’ve gotta see my new garbage truck!”


“Can I show Boston how to build his legos yet?!”

So we hurried through our morning routine, then started on a little history lesson.  We made a timeline of Boston’s life.  I printed out pictures from Boston’s life and we ordered them on the timeline.  The boys glued the pictures down and decorated the paper.  This was about all the school we could handle today, so the boys and I started Lego building.  After Legos I started making cookies.  I planned to make the cookies with the boys but again,  Legos and garbage trucks:  So much cooler!

I forgot some ingredients for our cookies, so we ran to the grocery store and picked out some cupcakes while we were at it.  The boys decided to play outside for awhile while I baked, until I called them inside to eat the eggless cookie dough.  Oh and those ingredients I went to buy? I forgot to add them….so the cookies were a little weird, but the boys didn’t mind.

It was a wild and fun day of preschool. Can’t wait for Charlie’s birthday preschool day!

After preschool, Charlie went home and me and the boys went to meet up with Daddy at Country Mercantile.  We had the mini theme park to ourselves and Boston got red carpet treatment, riding every ride at least 3 times.  He was so brave.  After the rides Dane went back to work and the boys and I ordered lunch.  We ended our adventure at Country Mercantile with a stroll through their candy shop, picking out our most favorites.

The boys were getting tired, but I kept them awake with talk of TOYS R US.  We had to return a present there, but it worked out great, because Boston received a crown and balloon as well as an announcement over the loud speaker wishing him a happy birthday.  All the customers we passed gave Boston birthday wishes and Boston felt quite proud.  We hunted down the perfect toy to replace the WAY too small lawn mower we had bought for him.  In the end he decided on something completely different and picked a remote control, light up race car.

When we arrived home, Boston and I snuggled up and read his new book.  Boston “performed” in a primary program later that night and we ended the day letting him fall asleep snuggled up to Mom and Dad.

The next day we camped in the backyard, and today we are having his extended family dinner party, complete with pinata.  Birthday’s tend to become Birthweekends in our home. 🙂

When asking Boston how he felt about his birthday he said,



This is the best birthday ever!

Success!  Celebrating  birthdays with adventures in lieu of parties was a fun but I missed throwing the parties.  So next year I think we’ll go back to our norm. of regular ol’ kid parties.  🙂

Happy Birthday Boston boy!  You are loved!  You are loved!  You are loved!

bday camping

Waking up in our tent. Just a pile of us.

bday candy

As giddy as… kids in a candy store.

bday card

When Mom forgets to buy a card, she draws one instead.

bday carousel

Carousel. Isaac was terrified.

bday cookie dough

Eating cookie dough. Don’t worry, it’s eggless. 🙂

bday decor

What Boston woke up to.

bday eggo

Eggos for the win!

bday frog

Finally another kid showed up!

bday groceries

Even trips to the grocery store are fun when you have a buddy.

bday hats

Highly sophisticated party hats for preschool.

bday legos

Legos! Charlie’s a Lego pro. He taught Boston how to read the instructions and build.

bday lunch

Lunch break after an hour and a half of rides.

bday night camping

Piled in the tent, ready to read books and go to sleep. These boys don’t look ready for bed, do they? 😉

bday plane alone

plane ride

bday plane dad

Daddy got to ride with Boss the first time around. His legs wouldn’t bend enough to fit in the seat, so they let him ride like that!!

bday plane

Same ride, new plane.

bday rides

A birthday boy and a small park all to himself.

bday roller coaster

Roller coaster! The favorite ride.

bday run

Couldn’t keep up with that boy.

bday signs

Presents! Nancy Tillman book, swivel car, pinata, lawn mower and garbage truck.

bday toysrus

King for a day

bday truck

Truck break.

bday weather

Can’t you just see the excitement in these boys?! Birthdays are the best.

bday writing

Birthday prewriting sheets!


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