Preschool day 6: First day of Fall, Van Gogh and Strauss

day 6 weather boy

First day of Fall!

Sorry for my loud voice!  The boys had fun dancing away. 🙂

day 6 boys in aprons

Apple painting in my aprons.

day 6 apple eating

Eating apples, not painting. After this he proceeded to fall asleep on his chair…sick boy today. 😦

day 6 apple painting

Our masterpieces

day 6 articles

To memorize the articles of faith we do a lot of hand gestures, this is one of the gestures that the boys look so cute doing.

Today was a fun and packed day.  At the end of our hello song we always ask each person how they’re feeling and the boys had adorable answers today.  Boston felt peaceful and Charlie felt grateful.  So I decided that I felt wild just to stir things up a bit!

We got to change our weather scene and season from summer to fall and dress Kristoff  appropriately.  For pre-writing skills we traced our numbers 1-10.  After writing, we got into the really fun stuff.  The boys sat on their pillows and I shared some interesting facts with them about Johann Strauss the 2nd.  They laughed when they learned that Strauss has the same name as his Daddy and then we talked about what it would be like if we called Charlie, “Stoyan” and Boston “Yancey”.   🙂  We learned that two of Strauss’ most famous songs are Thunder and Lightning Polka and Blue Danube Waltz, so we danced to both of them.  For Thunder and lightning we took turns with each boy representing lightning (with pan lids) and the other representing Thunder (pounding on the floor or wall).   We loved dancing, marching and getting to be really loud!  Our dance to the Waltz was much different.  We talked about tempo and would tip toe at the quiet slow parts and skip and spin at the loud fast parts.

After dancing we sat back down on our pillows and I showed the boys some of Van Gogh’s paintings while teaching them a little about him.  I’ve been reading THIS book on Van Gogh for about a month now so that I could get to know him and then share the really fascinating/toddler appropriate facts with the boys  I quizzed Boston later tonight and he remembered all about Van Gogh’s favorite color, flower, color of his house and his first name.  I was happy it sunk in!

Art day will be this Thursday at Charlie’s house with his Mom, so we didn’t do a Van Gogh art project.  Instead we did a fall art project:  Apple painting!  Instead of using real paint, we tried sweetened condensed milk and food coloring.  It worked great and wasn’t too messy, but it’s taken ALL day to dry, so not the best if you actually want to keep the project and take it home.

Painting only lasted about 10 minutes and the boys were ready for Zoo phonics races.  We’re already to the letter O!  They decided to race today on the swivel cars to change things up.  After races the boys wrote in their journals and drew tornadoes.  The boys finished their day out with Starfall on my computer.

It was a simple and fulfilling day.  Yay for Fall!


2 thoughts on “Preschool day 6: First day of Fall, Van Gogh and Strauss

  1. Lindsay

    This makes me so so happy. And I love how happy Charlie is. It’s so cool to know what he is learning about and be able to talk to him about it. So grateful for you.


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