Preschool Day 7: Art Day

Today we had preschool at Charlies house.  Charlie’s Momma is FAR craftier then me so we have dubbed her the official art lady.  Each month we’ll have an art project at her house based on our artist of the month.

When we got to Charlie’s Boston was presented with an adorable kid sized apron with the letter ‘B’ on it. When I came to pick Boston up, they had all painted the most adorable starry night pictures on REAL canvas.

We’ve had such a great month getting to know Vincent Van Gogh.  He feels like an old friend. 🙂

Thank you Lindsay for the PERFECT art day.  And thanks to our other buddies Cashy and Gavin for joining us!

vg 9

artists at work

vg 7

Boston covering his starry night with as much green as possible. 🙂

vg 5

I love seeing their interpretations of Starry Night.

vg 4

How cute are these aprons?

vg 6

love the swirls

vg 3

beads and pipe cleaners while paint dries. Genius.

vg 2


vg 8


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