Preschool day 8: Math and Writing

Our day began the usual way with our songs, prayers, recitations and charts. It’s been awesome to see the boys growth in such a short amount of time.  Their shapes are down solid, their number recognition has improved drastically and their memorization skills are impressive.  Oh, and show them a picture of Strauss or Van Gogh?  They’ll tell you who they are immediately, with a healthy dose of pride.

We did free writing on white boards in place of writing worksheets.  The boys each spelled their own names and then did some drawings; mostly tornadoes.   My sister told me that girls tend to draw nouns and boys tend to draw actions.  Well these boys are always drawing tornadoes, rockets shooting in the sky, explosions, or Volcanoes erupting.  So the theory holds true over here!

I found a cool game called Roll and Cover online so we played that for math today.  I printed off sheets with numbers 1-6 on them.  The boys each had a dice and they would roll it, count or just recognize how many dots were on the dice and then find that same number on their sheet, so we could cover it with a sticker. The first person to cover all of their numbers won.  We played this game twice and the boys had a ton of fun.  I was really impressed with them reading the die right off and not even needing to add up the dots.

After our game we wrote our names with glue and marshmallows.  I wrote each of the boys names on a piece of paper and they traced their letters with glue and stuck marshmallows to the paper.

For zoo phonics we changed things up and did a obstacle course.  They started at the top of the play set and got to take a step for every letter we did.  So they slid down the slide, took giant steps through the yard and climbed up the ladder.  At the end the boys slid down the slide again and high fived me on the way down.

We got through most of our day much quicker than I thought we would (these boys are learning everything so fast these days!)  So we went inside and rebuilt our mixels while eating some snacks.  I think Legos are SO great for learning to follow instructions, use fine motor skills and use their imaginations.  We call Charlie our Master builder because he’s so practiced at Legos and has taught us everything he knows!

We ended our day with journal time , gum and playing with the mixels we built.

Another fun day!  First month of preschool almost gone!


P Char

When Charlie finished his marshmallow name, he immediately walked it over to the wall to hang up. He was proud. 🙂

P eaten sign

My toddler ate a bit of Charlie’s name, so I glued more marshmallows back to it without anyone ever knowing the difference!

P Boss


P Kristoff


P marshmallows

Having fun gluing Marshmallows to their letters

P math dice 2

Playing a math/dice game

P math dice

Showing off our Roll and Cover sheets. Also trying to look like Monkeys.

P mixels

Isaac caught me taking a picture.

P spell Boss

Spelling our names all by ourselves with Mom’s example at the top.

P spell Char

Name spelling!

P writing

Free writing/drawing

P zoo phonics

Zoo phonics. Taking the most GIANT steps they can.

P mixel 4

Putting together mixels. Charlie’s our master builder.

P mixels 2

I love this picture of all these happy boys.

P mixels 3

Playing with mixels after they’re built.

P math dice 2

Playing math dice


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