Preschool Day 9: Cozy Fall day

Today was meant to be a cozy fall day, filled with cozy fall activities, but as we stepped on the front porch to check the weather we realized it would be more of a cozy HOT day.  What’s with Summer in October?  We enjoyed all things Fall anyway (minus hot apple cider).

After our morning routine we traced all the names of spooky Halloween creatures.  The boys are getting SO good with their tracing.  We also had a little fun with salt.  I filled tupperwares with salt, gave the boys Kabob sticks and held up letter flash cards for them to draw in their salt.  They loved this.  We got up to the letter T before they wanted to move on.

So we headed out on our scavenger hunt.  We made it to the end of our long, long street and then we headed back. It was a long walk for all those little legs (and these pregnant ones) and the boys were begging for water once we walked in the door. 🙂

This was the perfect time to cozy up on the couch, pop a bag of popcorn and read some Halloween books.  This was the best part of the day.  The boys were so into the fun Fall and Halloween stories we read.  I ordered every rhyming (because rhyming stories are the most fun) Halloween and fall book I could find at the library.   We stopped half way through story time to do our Zoo phonics then went back to our books. We only made it through about 5 books because some were so fun we had to read twice.  When reading the stories I always read the author’s name, and the illustrator, explaining what both do and I always read the dedications.  I think this helps them to connect these stories with real people.  We also stopped a few times to guess what would happen next, or to make our own spooky Halloween sounds. 🙂

Before we knew it preschool was over and the doorbell was dinging.  🙂  Till next time!

s weather boy boss

Boston dressed Kristoff today, but Charlie did the weather chart. 🙂 Also Boston insisted on it being cold, even though Charlie said it was hot, so we compromised with warm.

sand writing boys

Salt writing.

sand writing char

Look at that awesome F. Also…the boys had a lot of graham crackers because…why not?

sand writing boss

Love that smile.

s halloween tracing

Charlie wanted to trace his names in Halloween orange. If you could see up close you’d see how much these boys have improved on their tracing skills since day one. So neat to watch them grow!

scav 3

I decided picking dandelions out of side yards was permissible. 🙂

scav 4

We tried to stop by my friends house who is the ultimate flower lady to see if we could collect a flower from her, but she wasn’t home….so Dandelions it was.

scavenger hunt 2

Ready for our hunt!

scavenger hunt

Isaac had a bag too, but he chose to sit in the stroller while the boys were sweet enough to scavange for him

story time 1

Story time

story time 2

The boys all said, “WOAH” when I pulled out the giant pile of books.


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