Preschool day 10: Five Senses

We changed things up for writing time today and instead of tracing or writing, I made the boys each their own name puzzle.  So we spelled out our names and hooked our puzzles together.  The boys did great at spelling their names and on the second try they both could do it all on their own.

Our lesson today was about our five senses.  So we talked a little about our senses, then we learned a five senses song.  After that, we practiced using each of our senses.

For sight we made a tornado in a bottle and watched it go.
For hearing the boys closed their eyes, while I made noises by snapping, whistling, banging my hands on the floor, or clanging together pots and pans.  The boys guessed what noise I was making.
For smell the boys closed their eyes again and I had them smell different things like Caramel candles, and peanut butter.  Again they had to guess what they were smelling.
Taste was extra fun, because again, the boys closed their eyes as they put different treats in their mouths and had to guess what they were tasting.  We had marshmallows, peppermints, almonds and chocolate.

Touch was probably the coolest sense.  For this activity we heated up a 3 bars of ivory soap (1:30 sec) each bar in the microwave.  The bar expanded and we brought it outside to play in the foam.

Once we had finished making a mess outside we popped some popcorn and read Halloween/Fall stories for 30 minutes.  We’ve replaced journal time with story time this month and we’ve been loving it.

Also our artist for this month is Leonardo Davinci and our Composer is Camille Saint-Saens so we listen to Carnival of the animals every day.

Happy Weekend!


10 after prek

Preschool after math. An empty bowl of popcorn and a well loved pile of books.

10 Boss snow

Making snow out of our soap for Touch.

10 eyes closed

Getting ready to smell.

10 Isaac

Zekey was the only one that wanted a picture with Kristoff today.

10 marshmallow

Tasting marshmallows.

10 name

Proud boys for spelling their names correctly with their puzzles.

10 names 2

Working on their name puzzles.

10 names

Silly boys.

10 snow bucket

Cutting and poking the soap

10 snow

Making “snow” balls

10 snowball

Throwing snow balls

10 soap balls

This stuff was so fun to play with and the boys smelled delicious afterward

10 soap puff

Microwaved soap bar

10 soap sniff

Smelling the soap

10 soap

Getting wild

10 tornado 1

Making a tornado for us to watch for Sight.

10 tornado 2

So excited

10 tornado 3

Shake shake shake

10 tornado

We added smarties to the bottle to represent houses being swooped up in a Tornado (the boys idea).


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