Preschool day 11: Artist and Composer day

Today was our Artist and Composer of the month day.  For this month we’ve been learning about Camille Saint-Saens and Leonardo Da Vinci.  Today was the first day it actually felt like fall.  Nice and chilly. For writing time, we traced the alphabet and then the boys solved their pumpkin puzzles.  Each pumpkin had a letter of their name on it and they had to put the pumpkins in the right order.  Both boys got it on the first try.  They’re really learning how to spell their names!  It’s so fun.  They each took a turn with the sharpie and wrote their own name on the other side of the pumpkins.

I taught the boys a few facts about Camille Saint-Saens and then showed them two children’s books about two of his songs.  One was the Dance Macbre (a spooky skeleton song) and the other was Carnival of the animals.  We talked about what each song would sound like for each animal (fast slow, loud, quiet, bouncy, etc…) then we hung pictures of the animals up.  The boys would dance a little then guess which animal’s song was being played and take that picture off the wall.

Fun fact:  Carnival of the animals was actually written to make fun of some of Camille’s fellow composers so he wouldn’t allow it to be published in his life time.  Now it’s a favorite of children everywhere.

For Leonardo da Vinci I showed the boys some of his paintings.  We talked about how Mona Lisa’s eyes seem to follow you and we discussed if she looked happy or sad.  I read the boys a really fun book about da Vinci called Leonardo’s Monster.  It’s a kids book and the boys loved it. We also discussed what being a Renaissance man means and that Leonardo da Vinci’s name is like saying, “Charlie of Pasco” or “Boston of Pasco”.

I changed up Zoo-phonics today so that it wouldn’t take as long since we’re now doing the entire alphabet.  The boys took turns saying the flash cards and for every card they said, they got a candy corn in their cup. 🙂

Our final activity today was drawing in our Carnival of the Animals coloring books and eating popcorn while I read Halloween stories to the boys.  Since we’d been reading and coloring for awhile I asked the boys if they wanted to play outside, but both said no and wanted me to keep reading.  They’re REALLY enjoying our reading time and I’m loving it.

It was a good day. 🙂

11 boston pump

Boston spelled his own name

11 Boston puzzle

Boston put together his name puzzle

11 Boston write

Boston working on our letters work sheet

11 carnival animals

Carnival of the animals posters

11 charlie color

Charlie’s coloring book

11 Charlie kristoff

Charlie didn’t want to dress Kristoff this morning, but at the end of the day when his clothes were falling off he was concerned that Kristoff was getting cold. He also thought Kristoff looked like a construction worker today. : )

11 charlie pump

Charlie spelled his own name

11 charlie puzzle

Charlie put together his pumpkin puzzle

11 Kristoff

Our first windy day on the weather chart.


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