Art Day: Leonardo da Vinci

Art day has become a highlight of the month for the preschool boys.  My son loves going to Charlie’s house and Lindsay always has a cool project in store.  On this day they all painted their own Mona Lisas in water colors and pastels.  Lindsay taught the boys all about oils and pastels.  On art day we invite guests to preschool so we have a range of 3-5 year olds.  It’s really fun to see the different stages of their art progression and notice their own individual styles.

Thank you Lindsay for another awesome day!

12 gav and boss

Gavin and Boston working hard on their Mona Lisas. PS how adorable are these aprons?!

12 cashy

Cashy the artist.

12 all the boys

All the artists

12 Boss Mona

Boston’s Mona Lisa. I love all the color.

12 charlie mona

Charlie’s Mona Lisa. How cute is that Mona?!

12 mona

Gavin’s Mona Lisa. I love all the details in his painting.

12 art

How could you not love art day?

12 cooking

A little art break.

12 popcorn

A little Curious George Halloween break. Much needed for the hardworking artists.


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