Family Home Evening: Make your house a home

We had a fun Family home evening on Monday night.  We build a Haunted Gingerbread house most Halloweens and this year we turned it into a lesson.  We sang “Love at home” and then we talked about the ingredients used to turn a gingerbread house into a haunted house.  After that we discussed what ingredients we need to turn our house into a home.

We each listed something we could do to make our house a home.  Dane said he could be a happy helper when Mom asks him to do things (I liked that one!) and be patient with the boys.  I said that I could talk extra sweet to the boys and make sure to not yell and Boston said that he could be really sweet to Isaac and be a helper with him.  Isaac just said, “home”.  🙂  It was a short and sweet lesson and then we moved on to pumpkin carving and haunted house building.

When we put our pumpkins on the porch we noticed it was pouring down rain, so we put on more clothing (as in pants) and rain coats and boots and ran outside to splash around.  At the bottom of our driveway there were huge puddles in the gutter and we splashed for about 20 minutes, running up and down the gutter.  I splashed with the boys while Dane stood on the driveway looking at us like we were crazy (with a big ol’ smile on his face).  We couldn’t stop laughing.  It was really fun (even for an adult). Dane heated us up some apple cider (while I stripped the boys sopping wet clothes off in the garage) and he started a hot bath for the boys.  It was a fun end to the night.   Yay for Halloween and FHE!


Picking a face for Zekey’s pumpkin


I love Boston’s concentrating face


Zekey chose scary and Boston chose “toothy” in his words.


Zekey’s trying to act scary and Boston’s trying to look silly…like their pumpkins. Isaac’s actually saying, “I’m a ZOOOMBBIIEEE”



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