Preschool day 14: All about Charlie day

Charlie boys birthday is tomorrow and we’ve been talking about it all month at preschool.  So today was an “all about Charlie day. We decorated for the occasion and Charlie was all smiles. Birthdays must bring out the best in Charlie because he was a perfect angel all day.  We had so much fun.  We started our morning with all the regular stuff but as soon as writing time was over I taught the boys about history and that we all have a history.  We talked about the history of Charlie’s 4 whole years!  😉  I taught them about how a timeline works (this was a refresher from Boston’s birthday) and then we made a timeline of Charlie’s life from pictures that his mom sent me.

After our timeline project Charlie opened up his gift from us.  Then I let the boys play legos for a bit.  After legos we did a really fun Zoo phonics matching game.  The boys have their flash cards down really well, so I’m now introducing them to the animal/letter combined cards.  They matched the old cards to the new ones and said the name and sound.  It was really fun.  Then we did more legos and ate blue and red captain america cupcakes (fun but gross) while I read Halloween stories.  Happy Birthday Charlie boy.  We sure do love you.

14 kristoff

Dressing Kristoff nice and warm

14 writing

Tracing Happy birthday on white boards.

14 timeline

Making our Charlie Timeline. I forgot to take a picture of Charlie’s cute drawing of himself at age 4.

14 present

Opening his present

14 lego

Building legos. Charlie takes on a very formal tone when building legos. I heard lots of, “Not quite yet. Yes. Please hand me the piece of resistance. Thank you”. A very polite and efficient master builder. 🙂

14 zoo phonics match

Matching game

14 cupcake

Singing happy birthday. Right before my Isaac blew out Charlie’s candles. You can see my toddler coming in hot! Charlie was very sweet about it. 🙂


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