Preschool day 15: Geography and Math

Today was one of my favorite preschools days.  Not sure why,  but everything just flowed nice and the boys had a great time.   Our lesson today was focused on Math and Geography.  So after our morning routine we built number towers (smallest to largest).  The boys had to match the numbers, and put them in order.  This helped them to have a visual of 9 being bigger than 8 etc… then I would ask them which number is bigger (4 or 8) etc…

Next we played basketball math (a game we made up back in September). We threw in some quick Zoo phonics races and moved on to a new game.

For Geography we built our map of the united states and then we got out Ninja turtles and sent them on adventures around the states.  This game was a total hit.  The Ninja turtles started out in their home state of Washington 😉 and then each boy chose a state they wanted their turtle to adventure to.  They took turns rolling the dice and could move their turtle that many states away.  We added in a lot of background story like Michelangelo riding Polar bears in Alaska and Donatello fighting snakes in Nevada.  🙂  For the last 20 minutes of preschool the boys free played with the map, their turtles, and a couple lego bad guys.  I heard cute conversation like, “The bad guys are in New york” and sure enough the bad guys were hanging out by the statue of liberty.  Such a fun way to learn the states, use some math skills with the dice and put our imaginations to good use.

15 blocks

Block numbers

15 boss and char

Ninja Turtle adventures

15 boss and zeke

Rolling the dice

15 boss math

Writing out the equation with sticks

15 boss throw

Boston’s turn

15 build tower

Tower building

15 char throw

Charlie’s throw. It must of landed in the bucket judging by Boston’s excitement. The boys are good at cheering for each other.

15 hurricane

Zoo phonics. The boys are in the middle of a hurricane in this picture. 🙂

15 kristoff

It’s a cold rainy day and the boys dressed Kristoff appropriately.

15 map

Finishing the map puzzle.

15 math

Charlie doing some adding

15 ninja

At this point the boys had their Ninja’s talking with each other since they were only a state away. 🙂

15 tower 2

Finished product. I didn’t have enough 1 piece blocks so out tower is a little funky. 🙂

15 tower

proud boys

15 writing

Super hero writing practice


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