Preschool day 16: Halloween party

We finally celebrated Halloween for preschool today.  The whole group of us had sick kiddos on our normal preschool day so we figured a few days after Halloween would be just as fun to party.  We sang the circle and hello song with all of our guests, including some of the Mommies. After songs we prayed, did our articles of faith and the pledge of allegiance.

For breakfast I made orange dyed chocolate chip waffles and Ghost bananas and grapes.   After breakfast each kid took a turn standing in front of everyone and saying what they were dressed as for Halloween.  They also each did a little model spin. 🙂  We went on a hunt for skeleton bones, put the skeleton together (his name was Skelly) and then we learned the Skeleton dance.

Our next game was another dancing game where I played music while the kids danced around a bunch of shapes on the floor.  When the music stopped, whatever shape they were standing on, was the shape they could pick from me to paste onto their paper pumpkins.  By the end of this game all of the kids had turned their pumpkins into Jack O’ Lanterns by decorating with the shapes they landed on.

We made monsters from paint samples.  We used a green paint sample to make frankensteins and orange samples to make candy corn witches.   I served them up some Skeleton bones (pretzels, white chocolate and marshmallows) while they crafted.

The kids then all ran around outside for a bit and we ended the day with Curious George Halloween and some popcorn.

Thanks for joining us friends!  Now bring on Thanksgiving!

PS Most of these game ideas can be found on my preschool pinterest board.  What would I do without pinterest?!

16 projects

Some of the kids creations

16 breakfast

Ninja Turtle, a Ghost and Captain America eating breakfast

16 Charlie and Boss

A little movie time after preschool

16 dancing

The dancing Jack O’ Lantern game. The kids pumpkins are hanging on the wall

16 ghosts

Banana Ghosts and grapes

16 June

Pirate June

16 pippa

All the big kids were surrounding baby Pippa. 🙂

16 shapes

Explaining the game.

16 skeleton

Learning the skeleton dance

16 Tristan

Skeleton bones


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