Preschool day 17: A little bit of everything

For preschool today we just focused on our basics.  We did our songs, prayer and charts and then each boy took a turn reciting one of the articles of faith.  Each boy has at least 1-3 memorized.

We spent some time working on writing and spelling our names by doing worksheets that required you to fill in the missing letter of your name.

IE:  Boston

So by the end of the sheet the boys were writing their names by themselves.

After writing time we cuddled on the couch with some Nilla Wafers and learned some fun facts about Georgia O’Keefe and I read the boys, “Georgia’s eyes”.

For Zoo-phonics I’ve been changing things up.  Today I wrote a Zoo-phonics story that required the boys to find the cards all around the house.  The story would say things like,  “Once upon a time there was a little mouse who loved to bake ‘pies in the oven”.   So the boys would run to the oven, find Missy Mouses card and say her name and sound.  This continued through the entire alphabet and a big hunt around the house.

Next we played Mother May I for a few rounds and then Hi-Ho cheerio.  Mother May I was a fun way to help the boys obey instructions, ask politely for what they want, accept no answers and they each said “Thank you” every time they got to move forward.

We had a lot of time left over so the boys ran around the backyard for 45 minutes.  We loved having Tristan join us too!

17 cheerio

Playing Hi Ho Cheerio

17 door

Lining up for Mother May I.

17 door2

Look at these silly faces. 🙂

17 mother may i

The boys playing Mother may I while Tristan’s Mom was the “mother”

17 weather boy

Dressing Kristoff for a cold fall day. These boys have moves!



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