Preschool day 18: Science day

June’s Mom Kirsten was so sweet to host our first “official” science day.  She planned a day full of magnet learning.  At the table she had a magnet hanging from the ceiling and the kids got to test all kinds of different items to see if they’re magnetic.  They had a little sheet to check yes or no.  The kids had so much fun with this they continued to collect items around the house to see if they were magnetic.  The kids took turns spelling their names on the fridge in magnets, built magnetic matchbox cars, played a magnetic fishing game, played with different kinds of magnets and got to eat snacks and watch some magic school bus.  🙂

Kirsten did such a great job!  At the end of the day my son said, “We did a lot of fun.  And we did Science”.  🙂    Thanks for hosting June!

18 boss mag

Boston playing with different magnets

18 Boss

Name spelling

18 Char

Charlie working on his name

18 hanging mags

Testing if the items are magnetic or not

18 June

June’s turn

18 magnets

Kirsten taught them a little magnet history and facts. 🙂

18 Kids


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