29 weeks with baby girls

In 3 days my girls and I will have hit 30 weeks.  It feels like such a huge milestone.  This pregnancy has just cruised along and I can’t believe that really anytime now I could get these babies in my arms…or maybe in a NICU incubator (lets hope not).

When this pregnancy started out my Dr. was planning on Fall babies and I was planning to move into the hospital at 26 weeks for constant monitoring.  There have been lots of scares with this pregnancy.  First thinking I was miscarrying, then thinking the babes were Mono mono, then thinking twin to twin transfusion was happening, but every single time we’ve had these scare, everything has turned out to be perfectly fine.  These babes have grown right along, just as they should, as healthy as can be.  I’m so so grateful for that.

About a week ago I had a routine drs appointment in Spokane and I brought a handful of friends with me so that they could shop while I saw my dr.  At that appointment the Dr. noticed my cervix had shortened from 3.8 cm to 2.5  This had him worried so he sent me over to labor and delivery.  My friends were sweet and helped me check in, then they drove home and my husband drove up.  We thought we’d be there over night, but no progress was made and I had minimal contractions so we were good to go home.  🙂

Ever since that appointment I’ve been on modified bed rest until the 24th of November where we can see what things are looking like and what to do from there.  I’m hoping I don’t have to go on strict or hospital bed rest, but if so, I’m just so grateful we’ve made it this far.  I’ve been extremely lucky to not go through this alone.  I have the most supportive friends and family in the world and I just don’t think I could of gotten this far without them.

I had one really hard night while my husband was out of town and I was on bed rest.  I was cramping a lot and felt very worried.  My husband called my sister in law Bekie (with out my knowledge) and I asked a friend to bring my boys and I fast food.  Within 15 minutes a friend showed up to my house with cinnamon rolls, my other friend came with the requested fast food and Bekie showed up with pillow in hand saying, “I’m spending the night”.  I immediately started bawling and although I was embarrassed I was so grateful for the outpouring of love and help.  Kim did all my dishes, fed my children and cleaned my kitchen and swept.  Bekie cleaned all my bathrooms, helped get boys down, vacuumed my upstairs and we got some much needed catch up time chatting the night away.  The next day Bekie whisked my boys away along with every ounce of laundry in my house.  She spent the day doing ALL of my laundry while she cared for my boys.  She also made up a schedule and so many of my friends signed up right away to help us out.  I’ve had a friend come make me lunch and check in on my kitchen most days. A good friend has done my grocery shopping  and friends have brought us dinner every night and taken my boys for a few hours every day so I can keep my feet up.

My boys Nana and Papa took them on a special date that they couldn’t stop talking about.  I’ve felt so grateful and blessed for the immense support and love extended to me and my family and these growing babies.  It’s very humbling, but it has also made me anxious to be the one on the giving end again, because I know just how good it feels to be so so cared for.

My husband has also been a huge support every night when he gets home from work, taking over, cleaning up after dinner and doing most of the work in getting boys in bed. He still lets me rock them most nights though….that’s my favorite.

And in less than a week my Mom gets here and stays for months and months!  I can’t wait! My sisters and grandma are also coming to spend Thanksgiving with us and they’ll take over the meal planning!

Well I’ve gotta go because my friends are about to pick me up to wheel me around target so I can get a couple things I’ve been needing.   They’re all a little too excited about this outing (haha).  I can’t believe I’m actually gonna ride one of those things.  Ey yi yi.

Anyway my heart is completely full of gratitude, for all my children, my dear sweet husband, my family and my friends that are more like family.  🙂

PS These girls are busy little things, kicking away all day long.  I honestly love it.  Nothing better. 🙂



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