Family update

Baby girls, Remington Jane and Rowan Adele:

We hit 33 weeks yesterday and are looking forward to hitting the HUGE milestone of 34 weeks.  This last week was probably the craziest in my pregnancy yet.  A week ago on Friday I went to my routine Spokane appointment and we discovered that baby B (Remi) is experiencing growth restriction.  At that point she was 3 lbs 6 oz and her sister, Rowan was weighing 4 lbs 1 oz.  That doesn’t sound like a big difference but it’s significant.  Remi’s umbilical cord doesn’t have a great connection to the Placenta so we always knew this could present an issue down the road.  The dr.  described her as currently on a diet.  she’s losing her rate of growth (she was in the 10th percentile and at this appointment dropped to the 3rd) but she’s not starving.

The plan of action for this scenario has been to monitor me twice a week with NST’s and get Doppler flow studies twice a week.  The Doppler flow measures the blood flow from the placenta to baby and the oxygen getting to the babies brain.  We’re keeping a close eye on her with monitoring as well as measuring fetal kick counts 3 times a day at home.  All of this will hopefully mean that we can catch things before they get too bad for her. 🙂

So at this appointment they gave me a shot of steroids in case her situation got dramatically worse and we had to deliver her and sister soon, the steroids would help speed up both girls lung development.  On Saturday I went to the local hospital to get another steroid shot.  Sunday morning I woke up with major cramping and after a little time deliberating Dane and I drove to the hospital, Mom stayed home with Isaac, and a friend took Boston to church.  At the hospital I started having consistant, very obvious contractions every few minutes.  They admitted me and told me I would be staying for at least 48 hours.  I was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced.  They also told me they’d have to give me magnesium to stop labor.  I was freaked out and overwhelmed at the thought of magnesium, so they decided instead to give me a shot of Turbuteline.  It’s milder but it did the job.  We were able to stop labor and they pumped me full of fluids.  I stayed overnight and went home late Monday afternoon on strict bedrest.

On Tuesday I had an NST and dopplar flow.  Things looked fine but the apointment took over 3 hours.  Then on Thursday Dane drove me to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling the babies move very much.  It turned out they both had consistantly high heart rates (up to 200) and my Dr. said if they couldn’t get their heart rates down we’d be delivering that day.  They gave me fluid again and were able to get the heart rates down so I was able to go home.

We just got back yesterday from a Spokane appointment and both girls look great.  This was the first easy normal appointment we’ve had in a while.  My next appointment will be a dopplar flow and NST at the hospital on Tuesday and next Friday I head to Spokane again to check on babies.  We’re hoping for now to make it to 34 weeks!  Just 6 more days!

We’ve also discovered in our ultrasounds that the girls both have a ton of hair.  🙂  So fun.


I’m doing fine.  This last week has done me in a little with all the stress.  Most the pregnancy I’ve been able to take in stride and even really enjoy, but the worry and stress this last week had me crying a few times (I HATE crying in front of Dr’s. )  Bed rest has been hard for me because I’m not someone that can naturally sit still for a long time.  It’s caused me a little anxiety and I had my first panic attack since I’ve been pregnant.  It was no fun to be reminded of what that feels like.  It was fine though.  I freaked out and cried for about 15 minutes and then it was over and i felt back to normal.  I did decide though that I HAD to get out for my own sanity.  So Boston and I spent an afternoon at a friends house, where he played with his buddies and I just laid on her couch all afternoon.  It was a nice change of pace.  I spent some of today laying outside in the grass and sunshine and that was nice too.  As usual my friends and family have been such a huge support.  My Mom has taken over the “Mom”  and “nurse” role up until Dane gets home at night where he takes over being Mom and Dad. All the while I just sit and watch everyone rush around me, doing my job.  It’s HARD not to feel guilty, but I also feel really grateful.  People have brought us dinners, let Boston come play at their house and Dane pulls up Boston’s desk to the couch every night so I can join them for dinner. 🙂


He’s working his tail off, trying to balance work with random unexpected visits to the hospital.  His boss has been great though and gets on to Dane for working too much.  When Dane gets home from work he takes over at home and teams up with my Mom to clean the house, help with dinner, get boys ready for bed and puts them to bed by himself every night.  He’s been a huge help.  He’s nervous about twins, but getting really excited to meet his little daughters. 🙂


Boss is my big boy and getting bigger every day.  I can tell my bed rest has taken a toll on him and he’s missing his old Mom.  I talked with him one day about  having these babies and then being able to run and excercise again and he got a huge smile, jumped up and gave me a huge hug.  He’s sensitive about me and how I’m doing and I know he just wants to have his old Mom that can run jump and play with him like normal, back again.  He’s been a trooper though and is a huge help around the house.  We try to get him out as much as possible because he is my social butterfly. I also try to do as much with my boys as I can while sitting (watching movies, playing games on my phone together, reading books, talking, or playing pretend.  When the boys visited me at the hospital Boston and I played Dr. and he got to move my bed up and down and take “care” of me.   My mom has helped me keep up with preschool which is the highlight of Boston’s weeks.  He LOVES preschool and feels like such a big boy on school days.  He’s learned a ton from preschool too.  He’s gotten great with his counting and numbers.  He can write and spell some things.  He can read almost any 3 to 4 letter word phonetically which is so cool to watch.  He started doing this at the beginning of the school year and has been continually excited about learning to read more.  Just yesterday Dane and Boss were out and they saw the word “Ice” on a sign and Boston sounded it out for a second then said that says “Ice, Dad”.  His first word to read phonetically was Mom back in September. 🙂

He just moved out of his toddler bed to a real twin bed.  Boston is so excited about his baby sisters and has claimed Rowan as “his” baby.  After one really hard day he said to me, “Mom I’m just having a hard time and I just want the babies to pop out of you!” He likes to feel the babies move and  he sings and talks to them.  Super sweet. 🙂


Isaac is the silliest 2 year old around.  He cracks us up every day with his bundle of silliness, intensity and energy.  He is our chatterbox and speaks in the funniest full sentances with no filler words.  Here’s an example of a Zekey sentance.

“Bosty.  Hurt.  Head. Me. Swing.  Momma” = “Bosty hurt my head on the swing, Momma”.  🙂  Or he’ll use cute phrases like,

“What?  Momma?” or “Name?  Momma”  when he wants to know what something’s called. My favorite sentances are when he’s talking about something he loves.

“Me.  Love.  Loodles.  You?  Love?  Loodles?  Momma?” Loodles are noodles. 🙂 He also will refer to himself as Zekeybooboo and I love it.   He talks really slow, seperating each word and he’s very precise.  It makes us laugh a ton.  He’s also learning a ton at preschool  He knows lots of his numbers and colors, artists and composers, and some of his articles of faith and pledge of allegiance.

He’s very into my belly and these babies.  He has to hug and kiss the babies (or as he often says, the bellies) every day, multiple times a day.    He gets really intense though and sometimes my belly takes a beating.  He just doesn’t know what to do with all that energy.  So I will be VERY watchful when he has actual access to the babies. 🙂

Isaac is still my love bug and has to kiss and stare at me lovingly multiple times a day.  He’ll stroke my face, make little love noises, brush my hair out of my eyes, give me kisses and then either do something that hurts (like pinch my cheeks) or run off playing.

I love this stage with him.  Even though he is destructo and is usually out looking for something to throw, rip or destroy.  🙂  We love our Zekeyboo.



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