2014 Wrap up


I started the year out right on a girls trip to Seattle with my Meghan.  End of May beginning of June I got to be apart of Rachel’s wedding that her and I had been discussing and planning for months.  Right before her wedding I found out I was pregnant.  About 3 weeks later I had my first Ultrasound showing that we were having twins, thus beginning the year of 1,000 ultrasounds and a million Dr’s appointments.  In reality I had an appointment every 2 weeks (at least) from 6 weeks on and then I started drivng to Spokane every 2 weeks to see the perinatologist.

In the Summer I went on another girls trip to Portland to shop and eat yummy food just overnight.   In September I started teaching preschool for Boston and Charlie, with Isaac joining in.  Over labor day Dane and I went on a “babymoon” to Hood River.  We spent 5 days staying in fancy hotels, golfing, sleeping in, visiting the spa, going on walks/hikes, and eating delicious food.  We loved every second of that trip and our boys were well taken care of by sweet family.  This year my Grandma passed away so my siblings and I all road tripped out to St. George to attend the funeral together.  It was a blessing to spend some quality time with my Dad, his family and my siblings, all in one place.

This Thanksgiving two of my sisters came in town with their families and I was put on moderate bedrest, so they did all the cooking while I did whatever chopping I could do from a chair. 🙂  We had 9 kids, 2 Grandmas and 6 parents packed in our house and it was so fun.  I was put on strict bed rest and we had a mellow Christmas and thankfully I got most of our Christmas planned, bought  and taken care of in November, so December was spent enjoying each other, going to the movies, listening to Christmas music and cozying up indoors.  Dane was great about making our traditions still happen even though I couldn’t fully participate in all of them.

We rang in the New Year at the hospital with one more false alarm for the year.  🙂


Dane had a boys golf trip at the beginning of this year with his brother and friends.  He played on a softball team this Summer with his brothers and friends called the Tri cities Pirates.  Every guy had a pirates name and pirate jersey.  Dane’s name (unfortunatley) was Bone Shank.  The softball games were a highlight of every week for our family.  The boys loved watching Dad play, eating snacks, and maing messes with shaved ice.   I enjoyed spending time on the bleachers with all of Dane’s family, who came to pretty much every game.  One of Dane’s best friends Cody (and mine, Candice) came to stay with us for a few days with their two boys and we had so much fun squeezing in some over due quality time together.

Dane spent his summer working on the yard, golfing, playing softball, taking me on dates and playing with his boys.  We spent a fun evening at the end of the Summer camping in our backyard and we all were able to sleep all night in the tent.  Success!  Dane also took Boston on their first father sons Camp out and they both loved it.  He went on a few trips to Chicago and Oklahoma and always came home with gifts and treasures for the boys.  The very end of Dane’s year has been spent taking me to the hospital and Spokane for my twice weekly appointments.  His work has been great and let him take every Friday off for half the day to drive me to Spokane.  On Tuesdays (when I’ve had to go to the Hospital for regular testing) Dane drives me, then works in his car on his laptop for 3 hours until I’m all done.  He’s been an extra busy Dad and husband this year and we’ve all appreciated his hard work.


Boston’s had a big year of growth and changes.  He grew a couple shoe sizes and outgrew all of his 4T pants.  This included many nights of growing pains.  He became a sunbeam at church and has loved feeling like a big boy in primary and participating in Primary programs. We installed a play set in our backyard this Spring and Boston learned to pump on the swings and do the monkey bars.   He enjoyed spending days at home with Mom and Isaac, having friends over, or going on play dates.  His favorite thing to do is to play at other people’s houses. 🙂  He’s a social boy and likes to get out as much as possible.  He’s become my big helper this year and has become quite responsible.  He’s also grown into his roll as big brother and has the sweetest relationship with Isaac.  He protects Isaac.  Plays with him.  And is Isaac’s biggest supporter when Isaac learns how to do something new.   Boston took over the toy closet this year as his total responsibility to keep clean.  He’s done a great job and takes his job very seriously.

In September Boston started preschool and has loved it.  He’s been so inspired and excited to learn new things.  He picked up the alphabet and reading right away with Zoo phonics.  He now can read his Bob books from start to finish and is so proud.   Boston spent his birthday celebrating at preschool, then going with Mom, Dad and Isaac to country mercantile where we ate lunch, picked out candies and rode every ride at least twice.   He got a wiggle bike for his birthday and became a professional racer in our house.  Boston really got into football this year by playing with “the big boys” and watching games with Daddy.  We had a really fun Halloween trick or treating with friends and Boston chose to be Captain America.

Boston is very excited to be a bg brother to two sisters and he’s claimed baby Rowan as “his”.  He is very serious about learning to take care of babies and is trying to learn how to change diapers in preperation for their arrival.  All of his prayers include blessings for the girls that they will grow healthy, that he will change diapers and that they won’t get hurt.  🙂  He’s also tried to potty train Isaac.  Another task he’s taken seriously.  Boston is still just as physical as ever and finds lots of ways to get his energy out every day.  We can’t wait to get him involved in a sport to help meet his needs a little more.  🙂


Isaac  has gone from baby to big boy this year.  He started nursery at the beginning of the year and loves it.  This year he really started talking and is a total chatterbox.  He’s pretty much never silent, always singing or chatting.  He’s a very precise little talker and our favorites are his long sentances with no filler words.  For example:  “Momma. Swing.  Fall.  Hurt.  Isaac.  Head.  Ow.  Bejio” translated, “Mom I fell off the swing and hit my head, ow.  Kiss?”  As of recently Isaac has become the most polite two year old I’ve ever seen.  Anytime someone does something nice for him he immediately says, “Thank you, (fill in your name)”.  If you ever say thank you he’ll say, “You’re welcome, (fill in your name)”.  He’s quick to forgive, “It’s ok Bosty” and even quicker to apologize, “Sorry Momma.  I luz you”.

Isaac has enjoyed preschool this year and is a full participant.  He loves singing the Hello song and trying to get the boys to laugh.  It’s really fun to see what he picks up on, even though he’s still so little.  He moved up from his pack n play to a toddler bed this year and the transition was seemless. For Halloween he was a skeleton and I’m pretty sure trick or treating was the highlight of his entire year.  He never wants to walk and always wants to be carried, but on this night he RAN, like full on sprinted, from house to house collecting candy for an hour straight. He never slowed down.  It was awesome and it was also the highlight of my Halloween to watch.

Isaac is very excited about babies in Mommy’s tummy and has to talk to them and kiss them every day.   When he’s done he immediately puts my shirt over my belly and says, “Babies all done.  Babies nigh night”.  I think he may be disappointed when he can’t just hide the babies anymore when he’s sick of them.

Isaac is the silliest one in our home, always trying to make us all laugh.

We’ve had a really fun and unexpected 2014 and we’re so excited to start 2015 out with two new family members!


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