Preschool day 21 (I think): Getting our groove back

Well it’s been awhile but today was our first day back at preschool!  Bed rest at the end of my pregnancy and having the girls two weeks ago has put preschool on a little hiatus.  We were so excited to start up again today.

After preschool Isaac said to me, “Fun. Day.  Mom”.  🙂 We were all happy to be back!   I still have a couple other preschool days from December/November that I need to post.

19 kristoff

Kristoff got dressed for the first time since early December. 🙂

19 stamp 2

We used stamps to mark the capital and lowercase letter for the worksheets.

19 stamp

Fun with stamping

19 snake

Doing zoo phonics and acting out each animals movement after we did their letter. The boys are being Sammy snake here.

19 march

Marching to zoo phonics

19 cars

We put our cars into categories by color and counted who had the most cars in their pile. Charlie put any car that had even a hint of red into his pile. 🙂

19 map

We build the map puzzle and the boys pulled out the dice and raced their cars all over the map while I nursed the girls. I could hear them shouting out their dice numbers and choosing which states to drive to. 🙂

19 isaac

Zekey joined us for our nursing time.

19 popcorn

For the last half hour we ate carmel popcorn while I read the boys books.

19 bob

The pile of books the boys chose. And I’ve still got a baby bump…only this time it’s a baby in a wrap. 🙂

19 wrap

How I spent a chunk of preschool, carrying these two lovies while I taught.

I kept things simple today and just did some of our favorite games.  It took a little more prep getting the girls fed and down for naps before preschool started and I did have to take a break at 10:30 to nurse the girls again, but I had a plan and the boys were occupied during the time I had to nurse.  🙂


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